OrbitGTM Review – An Advanced Online Trading Platform

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM logoAs the online trading industry has started growing enormous over the course of time, many online trading brokerages have been brought into being. There are thousands of online trading brokerages that are currently offering their services to investors but not every online trading brokerage has managed to gain as much as the major trading brokerages.

One of the main reason why such online trading brokerages have not been able to gain much success and recognition is because of the below standard services they have been providing the investors. As a result, many new and fresh investors have started moving onto different trading platforms because they have grown concerned and wary of the services these online trading platforms are providing.

Broker OrbitGTM
Website http://orbitgtm.com/
Trade Instrument Type CFDs
Assets Digital Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Forex
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP
Minimum Deposit 500 EUR
Savings Accounts Yes
Customer Support Phone, Email, Live Chat
Registered Yes
Owned and operated by OrbitGTM Inc

OrbitGTM’s Role in Online Trading Industry

This is when online trading brokerages such as OrbitGTM has made it to the spotlight because of its motive, nature, and goal that it aims to achieve. Similar to some of the most prominent and successful online trading platforms, OrbitGTM also aims to stick with the traditions of the online trading industry by providing investors with full support and guidance throughout their trading journeys.

The online trading brokerage is not focused on getting investors to make hefty investments but wants the investors to learn and become empowered in the online trading industry. OrbitGTM’s goal is to achieve this by ensuring that its investors are provided with all the information, support, and tools they need to excel in the online trading industry. This is the reason why the services offered by OrbitGTM are always customer-oriented and are designed with their growth and success in mind.

Trading Instruments that OrbitGTM Offers You

At OrbitGTM, you will be surprised to see the list of online trading instruments that you can get to choose an instrument from. OrbitGTM is never afraid of taking on any challenges head-on and this is the reason why it offers more than one online trading instrument. It has a team of expert traders and analysts who are ready to provide you with un-diverted attention and they make the trading instruments look very easy to deal with:

Stocks Trading

Stocks trading is one of the oldest trading instruments that are currently available in the online trading markets. When trading in stocks, you have the option of purchasing the shares of a company that has its assets on public sale. With the help of the information and insights you gain from OrbitGTM, you can go for the most feasible and profitable shares available on the stock market and sell them to earn profits. With OrbitGTM, you have access to multiple stock trading markets and guidance from the expert traders and analysts that can smoothen your trading journey.

Forex Trading

When it comes to forex trading, the highly experienced and talented team of expert traders and analysts at OrbitGTM is at your service to provide support and guidance. At OrbitGTM, the investors have the opportunity of trading in fiat currency as well as cryptocurrency pairs. At present, the forex trading market is responsible for generating more than $6 trillion worth of transactions per day.

With the help of OrbitGTM, you have access to several online forex trading markets, more than 180 currency pairs, and more than 2,000 cryptocurrency pairs that you can trade-in.

Cryptocurrencies Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is the youngest member in the online trading space and offers you the opportunity to trade in digital assets. At present, there are more than 2,000 cryptocurrency assets that are flowing through the crypto-trading markets. When trading through OrbitGTM, you are offered the lowest transaction fees and charges with complete guidance by the crypto-experts even in the most challenging and volatile trading market.

The expert traders from OrbitGTM’s crypto-trading department ensure that they keep you posted with the trending and most valued cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). With the experts on your back, every decision you make and investment you perform would go in your favor.

Gold & Oil Trading

Gold & Oil Trading

As gold and oil are the most valuable trading instruments in the commodity trading industry, therefore, the firm aims on providing you with guidance and support for these two assets. The reason why OrbitGTM has selected these two assets out of thousands of commodities is that they are always floating on high prices. No matter the economic condition or pressure, these two assets always manage to regain their value in a matter of days so if you make your investments in these assets, you will never regret making the decision.

The team of experts and the tools provided at OrbitGTM, take your trading experience to a whole new level and help you learn so much from the markets that you have never experienced before.

Online Trading Accounts Offered by OrbitGTM

The online trading account factor is one of the most prominent ones that distinguish OrbitGTM from the majority of the online trading brokerages. The majority of the online trading platforms do not pay much attention to putting together the online trading accounts for investors based on their trading capabilities. They simply offer investors a demo account for practice and then the real-time trading account. Unfortunately, even the demo account provided by such investors is unguided and offers no support and help from the brokerage whatsoever.

On the other hand, OrbitGTM sticks to its customer         -oriented nature and focuses on providing just the right amount of support and knowledge to the investors that they can handle based on their trading profiles. In order to achieve this goal, OrbitGTM has put together an entire list of online trading accounts that you can go through and choose to trade with based on your trading experience:

Bronze Trading Account

If you are setting foot into the online trading industry for the first time, then the ‘Bronze’ trading account is the best option for you. When trading through the bronze trading account, you will not find yourself in difficult or challenging trading situations. You will be provided with the easiest trading markets. This account focuses on improving your basics in the online trading industry and is the first step in gaining experience in the online trading markets.

If you wish to gain access to this account, you need to make a deposit of a minimum of €500 and gain access to services such as guidance from a personal account manager and weekly trading sessions.

Silver Trading Account

This is the second step towards gaining experience in the online trading business. If you feel that you are familiar with the basics of online trading, then you can go for the ‘Silver’ trading account offered by OrbitGTM. All you need to do is make a minimum deposit of €5,000 and you can gain access to this particular account.

Once you have access to the Silver trading account, some of the major services that you gain access to include guidance from the personal account analyst, weekly online trading sessions, and full access to the education center offered by OrbitGTM.

Gold Trading Account

This is the third step and the building block to your success and experience in the online trading industry. The ‘Gold’ trading account is equipped with all the services and benefits that you would require and need by being on the mediocre trading account. If you feel like owning the gold trading account offered by OrbitGTM, then you can make a minimum deposit of €10,000 to acquire this account.

Once you have the account, you have access to services that include the support of a senior account analyst, weekly trading sessions, full access to the education center, and 4 private education sessions with the OrbitGTM trading experts and analysts.

Platinum Trading Account

The ‘Platinum’ trading account is where things start getting challenging for you and this account tends to test your online trading skills and knowledge at a high level. If you wish to gain access to the platinum trading account, then you need to make a minimum deposit of €25,000.

Once the account has been acquired, you gain access to services that include support from the chief account analyst, weekly trading sessions, a full education package & access to the education center, and 10 private education sessions.

Diamond Trading Account

The ‘Diamond’ trading account is the second top-level of trading at OrbitGTM. This account has been designed to test your skills at the second-highest level and put you in challenging situations. However, after all the efforts and struggles, the profits that you get to make are also higher than the rest of the accounts. You can gain access to this account by making a minimum deposit of €50,000.

Once you have access to the diamond trading account, the services that you get access to include senior account chief analyst, weekly trading sessions, full education package, and education center, weekly private education sessions, savings account, and diamond trading program.

VIP Trading Account

The ‘VIP’ trading account is the highest level of trading and experience that OrbitGTM currently has to offer the investors. If you are planning to test your trading skills and expertise at the highest level, then the VIP trading account would be the perfect choice for you but the trading markets and challenges here are also at max. So if you wish to test your skills and knowledge to the extreme, you can make a deposit of a minimum of €200,000 to gain possession of the account.

Once you have the account, you have access to services that include assistance from the senior account chief analyst, weekly trading sessions, a full education package, and access to an education center, weekly private education sessions. Additionally, you also get to open a savings account, gain access to a VIP trading program, and many more services.

OrbitGTM’s Compliance with KYC and AML Policies

The compliance and legal team at OrbitGTM is dedicated to providing you with the most ethical, secure, risk-free, and safe trading environment. This is the reason why OrbitGTM ensures that its platform is always safe and secure for the investors and any stakeholders linked with it.

In order for any online trading brokerage to operate without any difficulties and stay out of trouble, it is important to adhere to the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. This is exactly what OrbitGTM does as it aims to remain fully compliant with the KYC and AML policies and also ensures that its clients also remain compliant with the regulations.

If you wish to open an account at OrbitGTM, then you need to ensure that you update your personal identification information (PII) because the brokerage will be asking for it under the KYC guidelines.

As far as AML guidelines are concerned, OrbitGTM will closely monitor each transaction that you process and if their risk-management sees any transaction being that may have been made with intentions of money-laundering then it would take necessary actions to report it to the concerned authorities.