Paradox Announces Launch Of New Crypto Marketplace


Advertising for many digital asset and blockchain companies has not been the easiest task considering that they cannot use popular social media tools like Facebook ads and google ads. Unlike the other firms in the fintech space, Crypto companies have been forced to work mostly with individual publishers, subpar advertising companies, and customer referrals to market their products and services. In 2018, google, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat announced that they would be placing a ban on cryptocurrency-related advert on their platforms.

Facebook and Google ease crypto-related advertising

However, Facebook, followed by Google, later announced in September of the same year that they would ease this ban on crypto-related advertising. It is important to note that advertising on social media has still not been favorable to the Crypto space despite its eased restrictions.

Paradox group, founded by Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham in 2019, has tasked itself with bridging the divide between blockchain advertising and reaching the target audience. Paradox group has announced an initiative to ensure that they support the crypto space with a wide variety of marketing strategies and has launched a one-stop-shop for blockchain advertising.

This aims to allow blockchain advertisers to increase their reach, visibility and reach the right audience. This issue that is solved by Paradox will also be of immense benefit to Crypto customers, enthusiasts, investors, and day traders. Paradox, since its inception, has been dedicated to not only advertising but also onboarding the cryptocurrency space into a wide diversity of marketing strategies. This newly created marketplace by Paradox group will allow advertisers access to different products tailored to their individual needs.

Users will be able to create different forms of adverts

Users will be onboarded into other advertising such as display advertising, sponsored articles, press release, brand awareness, and SEO. In a bid to ensure the success of the new marketplace, Paradox has not only employed the use of a Crypto strategist but has also spent enough time on high tier publishers and resources. This basically to ensure that Crypto companies are equipped with the right audience.

Their customers can choose between different pre-made packages or strategists that have shown desired results in the past. The new marketplace will allow blockchain advertisers to set up an advertisement on their own, if they have one, and choose from a list of pre-packed arrangements in the marketplace. Paradox has spent the last two years setting up effective creative campaigns for the crypto world. Hence, experts are made available to help advertisers set up adverts and marketing campaigns.

The new marketplace by Paradox is now officially available for advertisers. The platform’s reward options are mouthwatering and will also be of great value to advertisers who purchase advert packs. Rewards can also be used to get massive discounts on advert items. The payment platform in the marketplace supports about 52 currencies inclusive of USD, Bitcoin, and Naira. Paradox group has also ensured that its customer gets access to 24hour customer support with live chat.