PayBack Ltd Israel Review – Helping Crypto Scam Victims For Over 5 Years

PayBack Ltd Israel Review

Payback Ltd Israel websiteIf you’ve been ripped off by scammers, get in touch with Payback Ltd team of experts and they will work to get your money back! This is what is written on the homepage of their website, let’s take a deep-dive into the services that this fund recovery agency offers in our Payback Ltd review today.


The financial crisis that happened in 2008 saw a lot of people lose their hard-earned money because they had made traditional investments. People had their life savings wiped out and the effects were downright devastating. While people were reeling from the shock, they needed to find other avenues that could help them in making solid profits and returns in the future. Since they had gotten quite mistrustful of traditional modes of investments, they wanted alternative options to explore and online trading was one of them. It was essentially a digital form of trading in the financial markets, one that was facilitated by online brokers.

Rather than having to go anywhere, people could trade in the forex and stock market from their home, or they could try out the lucrative opportunities presented by binary options. When people began turning towards this space, this resulted in the markets becoming saturated by ‘scam brokers’. This means that scammers began to portray themselves as brokers to get people to sign up and deposit their money and then disappeared with their funds. Millions of people all around the globe lost their money because they were eager to jump onto the online trading bandwagon and were exploited by these unregulated and fraudulent brokers.

It was devastating for people, especially because they were aware that there wasn’t any authority that could help them in taking any action. It wasn’t the same as traditional market where you could report the matter or even take legal action against the company. The internet grants anonymity to people and cybercriminals took complete advantage of it. People had no other choice but to accept their misfortune because nothing could be done. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the number of these scams surged once more and countless people have found themselves facing the same dilemma.

Luckily, times have changed significantly and now you don’t have to accept your loss and do nothing. It is indeed possible for people to take action against these scammers because there are scam recovery services that have been established for this purpose. These services have been especially developed to assist victims of online trading scams and know what they are doing. They have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to accomplish this goal, but this doesn’t mean that you abandon caution once again. This is because not all recovery services have been created equal and there is a risk here as well.

You can find numerous scam recovery services offering their services these days, but some of them any also be scams. Therefore, it is a step you have to take after a great deal of thought. No, it doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged because there are some genuine companies that do exist, PayBack Ltd being one of them. Regulated and authorized in Israel, PayBack Ltd is offering its services globally to people who have suffered through an online scam and are looking for a way to get their money back. They specialize in forex and stock trading scams, binary options scam as well as cryptocurrency scams.

But, before you decide to use their services, it is essential for you to know what you can expect from them and whether choosing PayBack Ltd would be a good decision for you. This means taking a look at the prominent features they can offer to you. Let’s get started:

A Free Consultation

The first and most prominent feature that you will come across when you are checking out PayBack Ltd is that they offer their clients a free consultation. When people hear about scam recovery services, they are naturally skeptical of the idea. After all, we have been taught for years that finding online scammers is impossible, so you have to be cautious. Thus, if you have been scammed, there isn’t anything that can be done. So, when someone is promising to help you find the scammers and retrieve your money, it doesn’t sound plausible.

You would immediately be suspicious about their motivations and intentions, so PayBack Ltd has added a free consultation to put their clients at ease. When you don’t have to pay anything to the recovery service for consulting with them the first time, it makes it easier for you to build trust. Scams will usually ask you for money right away and this is not something you find here. There is no doubt that the consultation is a golden opportunity for you to find out as much as you can about the service itself.

In order to book a consultation, you are required to visit the PayBack Ltd website and fill out the form they have given. This asks for basic details about you and you are also requested to share details about the scam you have faced. The consultation gives you the chance to interact with their team directly and you can ask as many questions as you like for satisfying yourself. If you don’t find the answers appropriate, or you are still doubtful, you can choose not to take things forward. You can discuss your case details, ask them about their team’s background, and talk to them about their costs and so on.

A Simple Process

After the consultation, it is not just you who will need to make a decision. If you have asked PayBack Ltd about their process, then you are probably aware that they will also be evaluating their case. This is another reassuring fact about the scam recovery service because they don’t just accept every case blindly. They do their own evaluation, which means they look at the facts of the scam and other relevant details in order to determine if anything can be done. In the event that they don’t find a solution, or believe that chances of recovery are low for some reason, they are honest about it.

They believe in being transparent and don’t get your hopes up unnecessarily. It is not their policy to charge their clients and then turn them away empty-handed because it just wasn’t possible to recover the funds on their behalf. If the PayBack Ltd team believes they can help you out, then they ask their clients to provide some important documentation that can be helpful. They need evidence and other details about the scam in order to initiate the recovery process and you are required to be thorough and honest with them. Do not conceal any relevant data because this will definitely not work in your favor and will reduce your chances of getting your money back.

Once they have accumulated all the evidence and documents they need, the PayBack Ltd team systemically starts reaching out to every entity that has played a role in the entire scam process. They contact every organization that has facilitated the scam for getting your funds back. They will do everything possible to ensure that you have your money as quickly as possible.

A Cost-Effective Solution

There is no doubt that a free consultation and a simple and transparent process is very appealing when it comes to scam recovery. However, what most people are really worried about is the cost they will have to incur. How much money would you need to spend in order to get your funds back? When you have already suffered from a loss because of the scam, you definitely don’t want to compound it. What if all of it goes down the drain and you only end up with a heftier loss? This is a possibility and it often convinces people to not sign up with a recovery service at all.

This is particularly true in cases where scam recovery services don’t disclose their charges and fees beforehand. It is undoubtedly something you need to be concerned about, but not when it comes to PayBack Ltd. They have no such policy when it comes to fees and charges. Instead, their aim is to provide their clients with a cost-effective solution for recovering their funds and they have accomplished this goal. As stated earlier, they do not charge you anything for a consultation, which means that you don’t have to waste any money in case you decide not to take things further.

If you do want to move forward, you are only asked to pay a small amount to PayBack Ltd for beginning the recovery process. It is understood that no one offers their services for free and the same applies here, but you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket either. The fee is very low, which makes it worth a try. While your case is being process, you will not be contacted for any additional fee. They will not impose any additional charges, whatsoever, so this is another problem you can avoid.

At the end of the day, when you have gotten your funds back, then you are asked to pay a commission to PayBack Ltd that applies on the amount they have recovered on your behalf. This is also quite reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about spending a huge sum of money on recovery.

An Experienced Team

Of course, one of the most important elements of the company is their staff. It is the employees who will be doing the work and this means that you should know who they are. How can a scam recovery service help you in getting your money back? It is their team that does the work and PayBack Ltd has ensured that the people working for them are those who have a great deal of experience in the trading industry. They are well-versed in the trading process and know exactly how fake brokers operate, which makes it easier for them to track the scammers down and get your funds back.

They are familiar with what payment channels and funnels are used by these scam brokers and this is what PayBack Ltd targets. Their staff comprises of former industry professionals, who have a great deal of knowledge that can come in handy. They know what loopholes can be exploited and they are also aware of cybercrime laws that can be helpful throughout the process. Along with these, they understand the rules and routes of international banking, which can help them in mapping out the trail of these scammers.

Their team members have worked in the forex and the options industry and have an extensive financial background that can come in handy. They are able to get leverage over these scam brokers by blocking the channels they use for defrauding their customers. This makes it easier for them to retrieve money on behalf of their clients and help them secure a refund. It helps PayBack Ltd in reimbursing their clients in the long run.

A Supportive Environment

Last, but definitely not the least, another one of the prominent features of PayBack Ltd is the top notch customer support they offer to their clients. You don’t want the scam recovery service to just disappear while they are resolving your case. You may want updates, or want to ask about the progress of your case. Likewise, there is a possibility that you may have additional details to share that you may have forgotten about and can be helpful. You don’t want to have to wait for their team to contact you at this time.

This is where customer support comes in and PayBack Ltd has ensured that its clients have several channels they can use for reaching out when they need. You can visit the Contact Us page on their website and you will find an email address, a toll-free number as well as some other numbers for specific countries. You have a number in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Israel. These can be used, depending on where you are. Apart from that, you will also come across an FAQ section on the company’s website that provides you with answers to any potential questions you may have.

Taking these prominent features into account, along with excellent customer reviews and a strong privacy policy, you can sign up with PayBack Ltd right away to retrieve any funds you have lost to an online scam.