Portnoy is now Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for Donations

Portnoy is now Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for Donations

One of the most controversial and popular internet celebrities from the United States of America, Dave Portnoy has just made an interesting announcement. He has announced that his donation firm will now be able to accept Bitcoin (BTC).

Dave Portnoy is a famous internet celebrity and a blogger who currently works for a digital media firm known as Barstool Sports. Portnoy has been running a donation program that is known for raising relief funds for small-time businesses. David Portnoy had made the announcement just a week ago and has shared very positive feedback around the recent Bitcoin (BTC) adoption.

He stated that within 24-hours of making the announcement of Bitcoin (BTC) integration, the entire crypto-community responded with unbelievable kindness.

Dave Portnoy had started the fundraising campaign for small businesses that took a bad hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been confirmed that so far, the donation firm has managed to raise around $5.3 million. Portnoy revealed that these funds will be used to help 14 different small businesses in getting back on track.

There were more than 53,000 donors that contributed to the noble cause and helped raise around $5.3 million in funds. However, the campaign is set to last till the end of the current year due to tax reasons.

Dave Portnoy was really excited while letting the entire community know where they received most funds from. The majority of the donations that the program received was from the cryptocurrency community. The fundraising graphs showed that the donation amounts/transactions surged right after they announced the successful integration of the Bitcoin (BTC) platform.

Portnoy also thanked the firms that were involved in setting up the platform with a Bitcoin (BTC) address dedicated to accepting donations. The firms that helped set up the address were Morgan Creek Digital and The Giving Block. The Giving Block is known for providing its facilities to numerous crypto-firms for running donation programs.

The Barstool fund also confirmed that Bitcoin (BTC) is not the only cryptocurrency it is accepting donations from. It confirmed that the platform can accept donations from several other cryptocurrencies. Some of the major currencies include Ethereum (ETH), 0x, Amp, DAI, Storj, Dollar, Gemini, Basic Attention Token, Chainlink, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin (LTC), and Zcash.

The partner and the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital also made a very surprising revelation. He revealed that jus on Friday morning, the Barstool Fund managed to generate 14% of the total funds that have been raised so far. At the time of publishing, the 14% figure translates to around $750,000.

All the participants and operators of the donation program are very hopeful and confident of the cryptocurrency community. Many have stated that the cryptocurrency community has become a huge family throughout the passage of time and with every passing year, this family grows bigger and stronger.