Portuguese Influencers From Social Media Might Become Part of Official Investigation

An advice from the social media’s known personalities or the so-called “influencers” regarding cryptocurrencies and products isn’t needed anymore in Portugal as the law enforcement agencies are planning to take legal action against them. A petition has been moved online in which the Authorities sought public endorsement to take on the matter directly with the media influencers. The majority shares Government’s and Authorities’ concerns.

Portuguese law enforcement agencies, particularly Policía Judiciária, is weighing the possibility of going one-on-one with widely popular social media celebrities. It has been expressed by the law enforcement agencies that the so-called “media influencers” are in the habit of rendering advice when nobody needed them.

According to Policía Judiciária, many Youtubers within and outside Portuguese have been part of illegal activities relating to crypto and digital assets. The police was of the view that when these social media celebrities earn fame, it is then that they show their real colors. It was argued by police that they are part of ulterior motives that promote false, bogus, and fake crypto schemes at the behest of wrongdoers. The police said that the time is over for such fakers and criminal action will be taken against them soon.

Though in Portugal, possible police action against such persons has been in the news for quite some time. However, there hasn’t been any official investigation carried out so far. Meanwhile, the Authorities to have said that before taking any action, they will look into the matter from every aspect and angle. But the only exception noted was that an online petition has been found receiving public votes on the subject.

A spokesperson from Policía Judiciária made a statement in which he stated that for the time being, they are not sure what to do. He said that we are trying to look at the issue from a criminal angle. But before any final decision if they are certain the case is made out, only then action will be taken, said the spokesperson. He said that in Portugal buying any cryptocurrencies is not a crime but in fact it is legal.

Yet it was stressed by Expresso that one of the Youtuber was found being involved in illegal activities. Later on, when he was questioned by Policía Judiciária, the concerned Youtuber admitted his crime and promised to return the embezzled money.

But there is apparently an online petition titled “Investigation of attractive schemes by digital influencers”. The same was published on the online platform of Peticao Publica. The petition is seeking votes on the question of whether Youtubers and/or social media celebrities promoting crypto may be investigated or not. Since the institution of this online petition, at least 14,299 Portuguese have supported the petition by signing it.

In the end portion of this online petition, the author of the petition has prayed to the authorities to take action. An action that should deal with criminals under the law who are committing scams upon people.