Price Analysis of AirCoin (AIR) and METALANDZ ($METAZ)

Let us grow through the performance analysis of AirCoin (AIR) and METALANDZ ($METAZ) that have been performing really in the past 24-hours. Their analysis would allow us to see where these cryptocurrencies would be in the upcoming days.

AirCoin Price to Hit $0.0000005247

AirCoin is currently on the list of top-performing cryptocurrencies whose investors are generally bullish about its growth. It is because of these investors that the trading price and the trading volume for AirCoin have hit such a high mark.

Before the buyers launched a strong rally in favor of AirCoin, it traded a low price that was worth $0.0000001397 per AIR5.

This is when the bulls hit the high note that resulted in forming an unordinary (79.71%). As a result, the value of AirCoin went up to its current high price of $0.0000002845 per AIR5.

After a long bearish trend, the price of AirCoin has experienced a sudden push in the upward direction. This is because the bulls have become very active and determined in reaching new heights for AirCoin.

So far, the strong buying power of the bulls has pushed the RSI and moving averages of AirCoin from the bottom close to the midline. This is a positive signal towards the positive growth of AirCoin, and if the bulls keep showing high accumulation power, AirCoin may reach up to $0.0000003979 per AIR5.

As more investors keep going for higher gains, the value of AirCoin may continue elevating. This would result in pushing AirCoin up to another high resistance mark ($0.0000004772 per AIR5).

With strong buying power, the bulls may continue building more momentum, which would eventually push the value of AirCoin up to $0.0000005247 per AIR5.

METALANDZ Price to Hit $0.000001198

METALANDZ is also running on the high road alongside AirCoin, and its value is constantly moving upstream. Before the bulls showed their aggression against the bears with high acquisition power, the trading price of the METALANDZ/USDT pair was $0.0000004773 per $METAZ.

However, the strong buying power of the bulls landed a huge blow to the strong defenses of the bears. As the bulls kept hitting the bears with strong buying power, they kept getting pushed backward. This resulted in the bulls forming a strong 72.37% which has brought METALANDZ’s trading value to $0.0000008381 per $METAZ.

For now, the bulls are stronger than ever and their support for METALANDZ’s positive trend is constantly rising. Therefore, it is only a matter of time the general orientation of the investors turns to the bullish side.

This would bring more investors towards the bullish side, which in turn would help increase the value of METALANDZ to high benchmarks. The first benchmark the bulls may hit would be $0.000001022 per $METAZ.

The second strong resistance market the bulls may attempt to push METALANDZ to would be $0.000001135 per $METAZ. The third resistance mark that the bulls may have locked in their target would be $0.000001198 per $METAZ.