Price Analysis of BANCC (sBanc) and Orbit Token (ORBIT)

BANCC and Orbit Token have recorded very high gains in the past 24-hours, and they are both running on the bullish trend. For now, both cryptocurrencies are hovering at higher prices and the price prediction suggests their values may continue swelling.

Let us have a look at their performance in the past 24-hours and see high far they may travel into the bullish zone.

BANCC’s Price Journey from Low to High

If we look at the past performance of BANCC (sBanc), we would witness that its trend was mainly bearish. BANCC continue traveling in the lower trend line as its price was around $0.007841 per sBanc.

This is when the real powers of the bulls kicked in as they initiated a strong attack on the trend line with their high acquisition power for BANCC. They pushed the price of BANCC up by 190.49% in the past 24-hours, which has pushed the value of BANCC up to $0.02408 per sBanc.

The strong rally has successfully pushed BANCC into the high trend line and it may continue growing higher in value. As the BANCC investors keep gaining more strength, the positive trend for BANCC may keep getting stronger.

With such high sentiments, the bulls may attempt to push the price of BANCC to $0.04701. If the rally stays strong, then $0.04701 would only be the starting point for an even stronger trend line for BANCC.

In near future, the bulls may increase their aggression against the bears, which would mean acquiring BANCC with more power. This would elevate the price of BANCC over the first resistance barrier ($0.06941).

At this point, even if the bears try to show off their power, they may get shot down by the bulls with an even stronger accumulation of power. This would push the price of BANCC up to the psychological value ($0.08594).

Orbit Token’s May Sprint up to $0.0002819

Orbit Token has also managed to release itself from the strong chains set by the bears, keeping it at a lower price for a very long time. The price of Orbit Token kept dipping and the lowest point it hit in the past 24-hours was $0.00002034 per ORBIT.

However, Orbit Token finally broke the curse and went on to hit a high price of $0.00008295 per ORBIT in the past 24-hours. According to stats, the bulls had to form a 181.34% rally in the past 24-hours, to bring Orbit Token to such a high level.

If the portfolio of the bulls and investors keeps increasing with the accumulation of Orbit Token, then its value and demand would rise tremendously. With positive sentiments, the bulls may attempt to hit $0.0001581, and then go on to hitting the second resistance mark ($0.0002298).