Price Analysis of Bedpage Coin (BED) and Crystal Kingdoms (CKG)

Bedpage Coin (BED) has proven to be very promising in the past 24-hours for the investors as it has hit a unit price of $0.3002 per BED. Bedpage Coin has reportedly hit the particular price after observing a 98.17% rally.

On February 7, 2022, the price of Bedpage Coin was at $0.1176, but the past 24-hours have changed the entire situation for Bedpage Coin. After the surge, the sentiments of the investors are high and they are willing to make more investments to push Bedpage Coin’s price higher.

If the investors keep adding more support from their end for the bulls, then Bedpage Coin’s price may get pushed up to $0.5949 per BED. The high-end investors would then monitor the situation and see exactly which side other investors lean. If the investors keep up with the positive trend, then the price of Bedpage Coin may grow up to $1.01 per BED.

As of now, more investors are willing to buy and hold on to their Bedpage Coin, which is displayed through the rise in Bedpage Coin’s trading volume. The 24h trading volume recorded for Bedpage Coin is worth $66,090, and it has reportedly risen by 39.35%.

This means that the investors are supporting the high price for Bedpage Coin and they may keep buying more in the due course. This would eventually swell the price of Bedpage Coin up to the $1.49 per BED mark.

When it comes to the negative trend for Bedpage Coin, the bears may attempt to pull it down to $0.2055 per BED. The first dip in the price of Bedpage Coin may end up compelling many investors to pull out from their accumulations.

This would result in strong selling that may bring the price of Bedpage Coin down to $0.1623. This is when the bears may start increasing their selling pressure and cause more panic in the market. This would eventually end up pulling the price of Bedpage Coin down to $0.1396 per BED.

Another cryptocurrency being moved up by the strong positive sentiments of the investors is Crystal Kingdoms (CKG). In the past 24-hours, the price of Crystal Kingdoms has observed a great surge.

At the beginning of February 9, 2022, the price of Crystal Kingdoms was at $0.4329 per CKG. However, a 92.46% surge observed in the past 24-hours in favor of Crystal Kingdoms has pushed its price up to $0.95 per CKG.

As the investors grow more passionate for Crystal Kingdoms’ bullish run, the price of Crystal Kingdoms may get surged to $1.82 per CKG. If more investors keep piling Crystal Kingdoms in favor of the bullish run, then the price of Crystal Kingdoms may grow all the way up to $2.40 per CKG.