Price Analysis of Birdchain (BIRD), Base Protocol (BASE), and CryptoGuards (CGAR)

The price of Birdchain (BIRD) has reportedly dipped by 47.33% in the past 24-hours. The dive has brought the price of Birdchain down to $0.0004165 per BIRD. The plunge has been observed as the investors have started withdrawing their accumulations in Birdchain.

The investors are currently selling Birdchain on a large scale that may trigger a huge selling spree, bringing the price of Birdchain down to $0.0003233 per BIRD.

If the bulls are not able to resist the bears, then the bears may win in launching a strong selling activity. The selling activity would result in bringing the price of Birdchain down to its second strong support mark ($0.0002588).

If the investors build more pressure over the bulls by intensifying their selling energy, bringing Birdchain down to its third strong support mark. The third strong support mark for Birdchain is $0.0001879.

Although Base Protocol (BASE) had successfully maintained its positive as a stable digital asset from the start of February 2022, the trend turned to negative sentiments. It is due to the negative sentiments of the investors that the price of Base Protocol has started moving in a negative direction.

The downstream being executed by the bears of Base Protocol against the bulls is 47.00%. Due to the dip, Base Protocol’s unit value has dropped to $0.5387.

If the investors start selling Base Protocol, then it would trigger a strong selling spree, pushing Base Protocol’s price down to $0.4114.

In order to bring more investors to the negative territory of Base Protocol, the bears may keep selling Base Protocol to lower the sentiments of the investors. If the sentiments keep turning to the negative side, then the price of Base Protocol may drop to $0.3813.

The strong selling spree from the investors’ end would be another major push that the bears would execute to completely take the investors out of the positive territory. This would again trigger a strong selling activity, bringing Base Protocol’s price down to $0.3131.

CryptoGuards (CGAR) is also moving in the downward direction as the investors no longer have interest in keeping it in the high territory. The investors have been selling CryptoGuards even when a low-level rally is observed.

This strongly suggests that the sentiments of the investors are almost pessimistic, suggesting that they would rather sell their accumulations than go into the other side.

The investors would then continue raising their selling volumes to save themselves from losses, which would create more plummets. In the upcoming days, the price of CryptoGuards may plunge even more if the investors keep selling CryptoGuards. The RSI for CryptoGuards being in the negative zone would mean that its price may dip to $0.2873.