Price Analysis of BITMIC (BMIC) and ASIX Token (ASIX)

BITMIC Grows at a Significant Rate

In the past 24-hours, BITMIC (BMIC) has managed to achieve a really high rally, which the bulls of major cryptocurrencies can only dream of achieving at present. According to statistics, BITMIC has observed a 343.80% march in the past 24-hours, which has completely changed the situation for BITMIC bulls.

It wasn’t long ago when the bulls struggled to push BITMIC over the low value of $0.1033 per BMIC. The scuffle between the bulls and the bears went on for a few days until the bulls managed to prove their might. After forming a strong 24-h rally, the bulls have pushed the value of BITMIC to $0.7349 per BMIC.

Even now, the trading volume for BITMIC continues to grow and so far, it has grown by 263.56%. As a result, the trading volume for BITMIC is now at $640,761.

Bullish Predictions for BITMIC

At the moment, the bulls have a strong opinion about moving the price of BITMIC to a higher figure. The rally achieved by the bulls so far is a clear demonstration of the high sentiments of the bulls. Therefore, the bulls may continue buying more BITMIC to push its value higher.

If the rally surrounding BITMIC remains strong, then the bulls may succeed in achieving a unit value of $1.05 per BMIC. If the bulls pour more money to favor the rally, then BITMIC may get pushed up to $1.27 per BMIC.

If the bulls find success in pushing the oscillators and the RSI of BITMIC to the positive zone, then BITMIC may grow up to $1.41 per BMIC.

Bearish Predictions for BITMIC

On the contrary, the bears may attempt to push BITMIC deeper into the negative zone to create a price dip. They may try and trigger high sales for BITMIC in order to push its price lower. If the bears succeed, then the price of BITMIC may get pushed down to $0.5879, and then all the way down to $0.4762 per BMIC.

ASIX Token Experiences a 109.38% Rally

ASIX Token (ASIX) is also flying high with green colors because the bulls have formed a 109.38% rally in the past 24-hours. The bulls have launched a strong attack against the bears and have managed to push its price to $0.00004991 per ASIX.

Bullish/Bearish Predictions for ASIX Token

By forming a high rally, the bulls have gained a lot of confidence in keeping pressure alive against the bears. Therefore, they may continue with their strong buying spree in order to push ASIX Token to a higher price. In the upcoming days, the bulls may continue buying ASIX Token, and they may push it to $0.0001117.

If the bears start fighting against the bulls with a lot of determination, then the price of ASIX Token may start plummeting. If the bears keep their pressure up against the bulls, then ASIX Token may fall all the way down to $0.00003234.