Price Analysis of Bzzone (BZZONE), Lead Wallet (LEAD), and CheemsInu (CINU)

The price analysis data surrounding Bzzone, Lead Wallet, and CheemsInu has just come in, and they are reflecting high sentiments of buyers for the respective cryptocurrencies. Major on-chain data analyzing firms such as TradingView have already shared their technical analysis on these cryptocurrencies. So far, the analysis provided by all major on-chain data analyzing firms resembles the below consensus.

Bzzone Bulls Aiming for $8.71

At the time of writing, the BZZONE/USDT pair is trading at a unit price of $5.28 per BZZONE. Bzzone has finally managed to cross the $5.00 per BZZONE mark, following a great buying demonstration from the bulls.

The bulls are constantly being supported by the investors who are moving from neutral sentiments to bullish. The push has come following a strong 55.10% rally and the trend may continue, elevating the price of Bzzone even more.

The bears may try and resist the bulls by triggering high sales before Bzzone reaches the strong resistance mark of $6.73 per BZZONE. However, if the bulls prevail against the bears, then the price of Bzzone may surge to $6.73 per BZZONE.

As Bzzone crosses the first resistance mark, the neutral investors may start leaning towards the positive sentiments. This would mean that majority of the bulls would develop “strong-buy” sentiments for Bzzone. As a result, the price of Bzzone may grow up to $7.66 per BZZONE and then $8.71 per BZZONE.

Lead Wallet Aiming for $0.003857

As of now, the Lead Wallet and USDT pair are trading at $0.00254 per LEAD and this value is expected to rise in near future. So far, the bulls have rallied the majority of the neutral investors to their side forming a 45.20% rally.

If the bears do not show much pressure to the bulls at $0.00254, then Lead Wallet’s value may continue growing significantly. If the bulls keep sustaining the pressure from the bears, they may attract even the bearish investors to their side.

Over time, the price channel for Lead Wallet may start ascending in the ascending direction. This would help the bulls achieve a higher value of $0.003857.