Price Analysis of CryptoFarming ($CFAR) and Bastille De La Bouje (BASTILLE)

According to the latest reports from the cryptocurrency industry, several cryptocurrencies have ended up facing huge price dips. However, cryptocurrencies such as CryptoFarming and Bastille De La Bouje have experienced the worst performances in the past 24-hours.

If you were or are keen to invest in these cryptocurrencies, you might want to look at their analysis data to see how deep these cryptocurrencies may sink.

CryptoFarming ($CFAR) Price Drops by 93.70%

From the beginning of March, the investors had aimed to push the price of CryptoFarming ($CFAR) higher by building strong rallies. Unfortunately, every rally that the bulls formed were met with strong selling pressure by the bears.

As a result, the price of CryptoFarming has continued moving in the downstream channel. The bears keep selling CryptoFarming on a lower level, dragging the price of CryptoFarming down from a high of $0.006425.

However, the bears intensified their selling power forming a huge 93.70% dip in the value of CryptoFarming. After the huge dip and pressure from the sellers, the value of CryptoFarming has sunk to $0.0001759 per $CFAR.

Even now, the bears have higher negative sentiments than the positive sentiments of the bulls. They will use these sentiments to their benefit, attracting more investors to their side, eventually pushing CryptoFarming’s price even lower.

As the bears continue with their selling spree, CryptoFarming’s value may dip to $0.0001055 per $CFAR. In the case where the bears continue pushing the buyers out, the price of CryptoFarming may end up dipping to the third support mark.

If the bears continue selling CryptoFarming and the bulls fail to push back with their buying power, then CryptoFarming may fall to $0.00008970 per $CFAR.

Bastille De La Bouje (BASTILLE) Price Drops by 86.88%

Bastille De La Bouje’s analysis seems to be displaying the same situation as CryptoFarming. Despite the strong attempt from the bulls to push Bastille De La Bouje to a higher price, the bears ended their push with succession.

This resulted in forming a huge 86.88% plunge in the past 24-hours that has pushed Bastille De La Bouje’s value down to $26.46 per BASTILLE.

It is quite shocking to witness that at the beginning of March, the value of Bastille De La Bouje was over $290 per BASTILLE. However, the situation has now changed for Bastille De La Bouje drastically, and the bulls seem to be troubled with the current plunge.

The entire situation is currently under the control of the bears, and they may continue with their selling spree to push Bastille De La Bouje to $23.18. If the bears keep on exerting more selling pressure on the investors, the Bastille De La Bouje may get pushed down to $19.06 per BASTILLE.