Price Analysis of Curate (XCUR) and Inverse Finance (INV)

Two cryptocurrencies have recently made their way to the top of the list being high performers in the past 24-hours. These cryptocurrencies are Curate and Inverse Finance which have experienced 22.42% and 21.54% surges respectively.

These cryptocurrencies have performed really well so far and the investment community has very high hopes for them. Let us now have a look at these cryptocurrencies and analyze their future performance for a clearer picture of their performance.

Curate (XCUR) – 22.42% Price Elevation

Curate’s ship is currently sailing with the most favorable winds, which is proven by the 22.42% rally it has witnessed in the past 24-hours. The data shows that the trading price for Curate exhibited a low price of $1.53 per XCUR before the rally came into play.

The investors with positive sentiments came in with heavy force against the sellers, knocking them out of the competition. At the time of publication, the trading price of the XCUR/USDT pair stands at 1.80 per XCUR.

The strong rally has put the bulls right in the position they wanted to be and they can now continue pushing harder to elevate Curate’s price. A major percentage of the bulls’ strong push depends upon the strong buying sentiments of the investors.

Therefore, the bulls will need to make sure they continue buying every dip that the bears form in the upcoming days to keep the investors coming in for gains.

If the bears feel the bulls are having a hard time sustaining the pressure coming from the bears, they may start backing out. This is the reason why the bulls will need to step up their game and continue winning against the bears with stronger sentiments.

If the bulls succeed in doing that, then the price of Curate may continue rising, hitting the first checkpoint at $2.00 per XCUR.

The next checkpoint that the Curate bulls may want to push the price of Curate would be $2.22 per XCUR. Going forward, the bulls may go for another major push, which may elevate Curate’s price to $2.47 per XCUR.

Inverse Finance (INV) – 21.54% Price Elevation

The stats are sharing a similar story for Inverse Finance as they have for Curate. Inverse Finance has also experienced a great push in the past 24-hours, and the push has come from the combined efforts of the bulls and the investors.

Through the 21.54% price push, the value of Inverse Finance has elevated to $337.61 per INV. If the acquisition power of the bulls keeps on increasing, the price of Inverse Finance may grow up to $355.80 per INV.

As Inverse Finance continues gaining more momentum, the price of Inverse Finance may rise all the way up to $378.54 per INV.