Price Analysis of Digital Fitness (DEFIT) and StarSharks (SSS)

Digital Fitness Experiences 315.24% March

The price analysis for Digital Fitness (DEFIT) shows it has experienced a huge surge in the past 24-hours. The buyers have been going for higher runs in order to form a strong rally and push Digital Fitness into the bullish trend.

They have been going for higher acquisitions of Digital Fitness in order to run a strong rally and keep pushing Digital Fitness’s price higher. So far, the bulls have formed a 315.24% rally in the past 24-hours, which has pushed the price of Digital Fitness to $0.2388 per DEFIT.

However, the bulls are determined to go for higher gains. This is the reason they haven’t put a stop to the trading of Digital Fitness. At the moment, the 24h trading volume for Digital Fitness is $4,511,826, and the bulls have pushed it up by 1000.00%.

From the looks of it, the bulls have not stopped acquiring Digital Fitness for a long time, which means that the price of Digital Fitness may continue escalating. The first high mark for Digital Fitness may be turned out to be $0.4136 per DEFIT.

If the rally continues running for a longer period of time, then the RSI and the moving averages may also ascend. This would result in elevating the price of Digital Fitness to a high of $0.6337 per DEFIT.

StarSharks Experiences 19.28% Dip

StarSharks on the other hand has experienced a huge dip in the past 24-hours. It is currently moving in the negative direction and the bears are seemingly in much higher control than the bulls.

The investors are constantly losing their confidence in accumulating StarSharks, as the bears are constantly selling every minor hype. This is the reason why the bears have formed a 19.28% plummet in the past 24-hours.

Due to the plummet, the price of StarSharks has been dragged down to $6.99 per SSS. Before the dip was initiated by the bears, StarSharks was at a high price of $8.63 per SSS. Going forward, if the bulls are not able to show strong support for StarSharks, then its price may plummet to $6.30 per SSS.