Price Analysis of Digix Gold Token (DGX), xSuter (XSUTER), and MetaDoctor (MEDOC)

It is time to look at the performance of three cryptocurrencies that have risen to glory in a 24-hour time span. These cryptocurrencies are Digix Gold Token (DGX), xSuter (XSUTER), and MetaDoctor (MEDOC), and they have recorded high performances recently.

The technical analysis for these cryptocurrencies suggests that they may continue growing in power and value in the upcoming days. This is mainly because they have the investors on their positive side, ready to invest more money for more acquisitions.

Digix Gold Token Grows by 84.19%

Digix Gold Token has experienced an 84.19% push that has pushed its value up to the current mark ($43.33 per DGX). As the rally has continued, the trading volume for Digix Gold Token has elevated by 5.17%. The market valuation of Digix Gold Token has also elevated and it is currently exhibiting a valuation worth $2,367,049

In the past 7-days, the value of Digix Gold Token has grown from a low price of $35.01 per DGX to its current value. This goes to show that the price of DGX is moving towards a positive trend.

If the bulls keep the rally going for a reasonable amount of time, the price of Digix Gold Token may grow up to $46.57 per DGX. If the momentum keeps moving in the ascending channel, then the price of Digix Gold Token may surge to $49.24 per DGX. Going forward, the price of DGX may shoot up to the third major resistance mark of $51.87.

xSuter Grows by 74.42%

xSuter has also followed the same growth trend as DGX, as it has grown by 74.42% in value in the same amount of time. At the moment, the unit price of XSUTER is at $169.12, and the continuous buying activity may push its value up to $175.14 per

Even the elevation in the trading volume for XSUTER is a positive indicator of its positive growth. If the bulls keep on adding more XSUTER to their wallets, then the value of XSUTER may get pushed up to $182.43 per XSUTER. If the trend remains bullish and the oscillators plus the moving averages keep supporting it, then XSUTER may rise to $189.54 per XSUTER.

MetaDoctor Grows by 71.50%

CoinMarketCap has recorded a 71.50% value elevation in the same amount of time. Due to the rally, the value of MetaDoctor has escalated to $0.0000002734 per MEDOC. The investors have reportedly increased their investments in MetaDoctor, which is causing the price of MetaDoctor to grow higher.

If the bulls keep going for higher gains, then the price of MetaDoctor may grow up to $0.0000003934 per MEDOC. As the rally continues growing strong, the price of MetaDoctor may grow all the way up to $0.0000004847