Price Analysis of Dotmoovs (MOOV) and BinaryX (BNX)

Dotmoovs and BinaryX have proven to be highly lucrative for their investors and the bulls. This is because both cryptocurrencies have witnessed substantial elevation in their price, trading volume, and valuation. This is all thanks to the strong buying sentiments of the investors who have helped the bulls forming a strong trend.

The more the positive trend continues, the high the prices for Dotmoovs and BinaryX may grow in near future. A technical analysis carried out for MOOV and BNX below would show where these cryptocurrencies go in terms of their prices.

Dotmoovs Price Pushed up by 112.65%

The price for Dotmoovs is currently within the bullish territory as the bulls have formed a strong alliance with the investors in the past 24-hours. The data shows that at present, the bulls and most of the investors are on the same page with the same goal.

They are aiming to push Dotmoovs price to higher levels and they have already set their plans in motion with a 24h 112.65% rally. As a result, the price of Dotmoovs has been pushed up to its current high price of $0.0487 per MOOV.

Even the 92.10% growth in the trading volume for Dotmoovs is confirming the strong bullish trend. The bulls are aiming to push Dotmoovs to a new price of $0.0834 per MOOV with a stronger acquisition determination.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may increase their buying power to take full control over Dotmoovs. This would be made possible once the RSI and the moving averages move into the bullish zone. As a result, the price of Dotmoovs may get pushed up to $0.1066 per MOOV.

As the general sentiments of the investors grow in favor of the high trend, more money would come in favor of buying Dotmoovs. This would eventually result in the price of Dotmoovs getting pushed up to $0.1349 per MOOV.

BinaryX Price Pushed up by 54.10%

BinaryX has also experienced a positive trend in the past 24-hours as the bulls have managed to launch it higher with a 54.10% rally. Even now, the situation is fully in favor of the bulls and the trading volume for BinaryX has also been pushed up by 453.39%.

When it comes to the summary scale, it is leaning toward the general “buying” trend and the moving averages are leaning towards “strong-buy” sentiments.

The RSI for BinaryX is also expected to move higher and enter the 60+ zone in the upcoming days, making BinaryX even more bullish. This would result in pushing the price of BinaryX to higher values.

At the time of writing, the value of BinaryX is at $90.41 per BNX, and if the trend continues, its price may cross the $100 benchmark.