Price Analysis of EPIK Prime (EPIK) and Meerkat Shares (MSHARE)

EPIK Prime – 21.66% Price Surge

Among the cryptocurrencies recording high surges in the past 24-hours, is EPIK Prime which has also observed high gains. EPIK Prime is currently under the spotlight for achieving a 21.66% rally with the strong contribution of the investors.

Following the strong surge, the trading value of the EPIK/USDT pair has grown up to its current price high value of $0.09548 per EPIK. Before the rally had been formed by the EPIK Prime bulls, the value of EPIK Prime was at a low mark ($0.07996 per EPIK).

However, the bulls demonstrated strong buying sentiments in the past 24-hours and formed a tough rally against the bears. The bulls finally succeeded in knocking the bears out of the competition and forcing them to back out.

At present, the trading volume for EPIK Prime is at a high of $7,139,179. The bulls reportedly increased the buying power in order to increase the growth rate of the trading volume by 543.06%.

If the rally continues and the bulls keep pouring in more money, the price of EPIK Prime may soon experience another major surge. Due to the surge, the price of EPIK Prime may end up growing up to $0.1136 per EPIK.

As the buying power of the bulls keeps rising, the investors may also start joining the parade. They will try to take full advantage of the bullish trend and push the price of EPIK Prime to a higher level.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may increase the speed at which they are currently acquiring EPIK Prime. If the speed doesn’t end, then the price of EPIK Prime may end up getting pushed up to $0.1319 per EPIK.

Meerkat Shares – 20.56% Price Surge

Meerkat Shares are also flowing at a higher frequency that is strongly backed and supported by the bulls. The investors are also eager to increase their investments in Meerkat Shares, and this is where the 20.56% rally is coming from.

In the past 24-hours, the strong rally has worked like a spell for the bulls as it has increased Meerkat Shares’ trading value to 17,956.19 per MSHARE.

Before the rally had even been formed, the price of Meerkat Shares was hovering at a lower figure of $16,184.03.

At the moment, the bulls are working hard to work their way to the resistance channel for Meerkat Shares. In order to get there, the bulls will need to expedite the acquisition process for Meerkat Shares and increase the size of their investment.

Once the bulls are able to achieve that, the price of Meerkat Shares may grow up to a high of $19,267.14. Going forward, the rally may experience another boost, which would result in pushing the price of Meerkat Shares to a high of $21,064.52 per MSHARE.