Price Analysis of Friendz (FDZ), Moon Light Night (MLNT), and NvirWorld (NVIR)


Friendz has been performing really well and its performance has been reflected through its 24h strong rally that has pushed its value up by 127.31%.

The investors have achieved such a high rally with the injection of strong purchasing power and constant support from the bulls. It is because of their combined struggle they have altered the growth channel for Friendz.

As of now, the path of Friendz has been diverted from a bearish one to the bullish one. The growth in the price of Friendz is a very example of the trend changing. Before the trend was diverted by the bulls, Friendz’s price was at a low of $0.0004812 per FDZ.

However, the buying power of the investors and the support from the bulls helped it elevate to its high price of $0.001192 per FDZ.

Going forward, the price of Friendz may continue experiencing a constant surge because the bulls are showing no signs of losing to the bears. If their spirits remain high, then the price of Friendz may continue rising and may grow all the way up to $0.002446 per FDZ.

If the buying spree does not lose its steam, then more investors will continue rallying, which would push Friendz to a high of $0.003239 per FDZ.

Moon Light Night

Moon Light Night investors have also taken action against the selling pressure of the bears. The bears tried really hard to keep Moon Light Night at a low price. Until yesterday, the bears had succeeded in running the trend for Moon Light Night as they kept it below $0.01176 per MLNT.

However, the bulls were determined to deal with the strong selling pressure of the bears with the strong buying power. They exerted a huge amount of energy, subsequently forming a 70.27% rally, which pushed Moon Light Night’s price to $0.02579 per MLNT.

Even at present, the bulls have really strong sentiments and they may continue with their buying spree. This would eventually result in pushing Moon Light Night to a high of $0.03736 per MLNT.


NvirWorld is also experiencing an uptrend and the trend has continued for the past 24-hours, with the initiation of an 87.20% rally. So far, the bulls have managed to push the price of NvirWorld from a low of $0.1225 per NVIR to a high of $0.245 per NVIR.

The analysts are predicting that the bulls may attempt to keep the rally alive for a longer period of time. If they manage to do it, then their target would be a price much higher than $0.245 per NVIR.

By continuing to build more pressure over the bears, the bull may attempt to raise the price of NvirWorld to a high of $0.3259 per NVIR.