Price Analysis of Geojam (JAM) and Punk Shiba (PUNKS)

Geojam (JAM)

At the time of writing, the bulls are sustaining high selling pressure coming in from the Geojam bears at the pivot price ($0.03101 per JAM). Although the bears are constantly selling Geojam, they are not able to lower the motivation of the bulls as they are constantly buying the minor dips.

This is the reason why the bulls have formed a 517.6% rally in the past 24-hours. Surprisingly, the bulls have pushed the bears from a low of $0.005024 per JAM and they have brought the competition all the way up to the current mark.

The data is indicating that the bulls are aiming to go for higher competition, which they are anticipating at the strong resistance benchmarks. Therefore, the bulls may remain stubborn in buying the dips, causing the price of Geojam to elevate without any hindrance.

As the RSI for Geojam moves into the bullish area, the buyers will have a strong technical factor supporting them. This would allow the bulls to push the price of Geojam all the way up to $0.04257 per JAM. Going forward, the bulls may show stronger sentiments in acquiring more Geojam, which would push the price of Geojam to a high of $0.5668 per JAM.

Punk Shiba (PUNKS)

Punk Shiba is also flying high with the strong support coming from the bulls. In the past 24-hours, the bulls have exerted a lot of pressure against the bears with their 399.8% rally. So far, the trading value of the PUNKS/USDT pair has moved up to $0.000000000560 per PUNKS.

It is no longer a surprise that the bulls applied a lot of power in order to bring Punk Shiba up from a low of $0.000000000113 per PUNKS.

The trading volume for Punk Shiba is also moving in a higher direction, which suggests that more investors are being pulled to flush out their money in Punk Shiba.

With such strong sentiments, the price of Punk Shiba may grow up to a high of $0.000000000814 per PUNKS. If the rally stays put and the bulls keep defeating the bears, then Punk Shiba may rise up to $0.000000001433 per PUNKS.

On the other hand, if the bears launch a selling counter against the bulls, they may pull Punk Shiba down from $0.000000000560 per PUNKS.

Their attempt would be to bring Punk Shiba all the way down to $0.000000000350 per PUNKS. As the bears keep increasing their selling power, the technical factors may also start moving into the lower zone. This would mean that the investors’ sentiments may grow negative and they may start selling Punk Shiba. This would result in dragging the price of Punk Shiba down to $0.000000000135 per PUNKS.