Price Analysis of Graft (GRFT) and Metacyber (METAC)

For those wanting to go for short-term investments in cryptocurrencies and generate huge gains, Graft and Metacyber can prove very attractive assets. Graft and Metacyber have recorded over 400% rallies on their protocols in a 24-hour period, which is a great achievement for these new digital assets.

The investments who are aiming to generate higher gains from their investments in fast-growing cryptocurrencies can invest in GRFT and METAC. Let us go through the analysis data for GRFT and METAC to see where they stand, and which channel they may travel in the near future.

Graft – 460.52% Rally

The price of Graft was reportedly at a low of $0.00008539 per GRFT a day back before the investors joined forces and formed a strong rally. Although the bears tried building strong selling pressure over the bulls, they were not able to keep it up for long.

The bulls have reportedly started marching with a strong buying force, forming a 460.52% rally in the past 24-hours. Due to the rally, the price of Graft ended up growing up to a high of $0.0005207 per GRFT.

Even now, the investors are constantly acquiring Graft on a large scale. Their aim is to increase the trading volume for Graft as well as bring more investors to the cause.

As more investors join the rally, the price of Graft may start growing at a really high rate. As a result, the price of Graft may grow up to a high of $0.001563 per GRFT. Over time, as the momentum continues growing stronger in favor of Graft, then its price may rise to $0.002824 per GRFT.

At the moment, the RSI and the moving averages of Graft are in the positive dimension. This means that going forward, the price of Graft may grow up to a high of $0.004005 per GRFT.

Metacyber – 418.19% Rally

Metacyber investors are also going for high gains of the digital asset in the past 24-hours. The investors have continued going for stronger gains of Metacyber, which has resulted in forming a 418.19% rally.

Before the rally had taken place, the trading price of Metacyber was at a low of $0.0000000954 per METAC. However, the rally has successfully pushed the price of Metacyber to a high of $0.0000005701 per METAC.

As of now, the report shows that the investors have formed a strong alliance with the bulls and they are competing against the bears to keep the rally going.

If the bulls and the investors continue outperforming the bears, they will be able to push Metacyber’s price to a high of $0.000001539 per METAC. Going forward, the investors may increase their buying power to push Metacyber’s price to a high of $0.000003148 per METAC.