Price Analysis of Kava Lend (HARD) and Mdex (MDX)

Kava Lend to Rise to $1.2

Kava Lend has experienced a 17.75% push in the past, and it is currently sitting at a high price of $0.5742 per HARD. The high price couldn’t be achieved without the strong buying sentiments of the bulls who exerted a lot of pressure on the bears with their buying power.

Still, the bulls have very high sentiments for Kava Lend and they are constantly buying it, which reflects through the 248.70% surge in the trading volume.

The bulls may continue with their buying spree in order to hit a high rally in the upcoming days. For now, the bulls are aiming to push Kava Lend up to $1.2 per HARD. To achieve this, they will first need to defeat the bears at $0.7534 per LAND, with their strong buying power.

Once they hit and cross the particular mark, their next target would be to hit $0.9243 per HARD. For this, they will need the RSI and the moving averages within the positive territory. This would not only help them push through the $0.9243 milestone but also aid them to push ahead of the $1.00 barrier.

Once the barrier is crossed, the bulls will need more support from the investors to push Kava Lend up to $1.2 per LAND.

If the bears show stronger selling force than the bulls at $0.5742, then the price of Kava Lend may dip to $0.5233 per LAND. The investors may also jump with the bears into the same trend and increase the selling volume of Kava Lend. This may bring Kava Lend down to $0.5003 per LAND.

Mdex Price to Hit $0.8346

At the time of publication, the investors have brought the price of Mdex to a high of $0.3166 per MDX. It took the bulls a 15.10% rally in the past 24-hours to bring Mdex from a low of $0.2645 per MDX to the current price.

From the looks of it, the bulls are trying to hold the rally for a longer period of time so they can push Mdex to $0.8346 per MDX. However, they will need to exert a lot of buying pressure to achieve their goal. If the bulls keep pushing strongly against the bears, they may succeed in crossing the $0.4000 per MDX mark.

This would push the RSI into the growing sector, and the bulls may gain support from investors to push harder. This would result in forming strong rallies, where the first target for the bulls would be $0.6004 per MDX.

Going forward, the bulls may increase their buying power, which would result in pushing Mdex to a high of $0.8346 per MDX.