Price Analysis of King Finance (KING) and Tycoon Global (TCT)

King Finance (KING) is currently traveling into the bullish territory, which is being displayed by the 24h rally it has achieved. The data shows that the value of King Finance is currently over $6.87 per KING, and King Finance reached it after observing a 165.7% rally.

The trading volume for King Finance has also experienced an uplift, bringing the volume up to $65,566. The sentiments of the bulls are much higher than the bears, which is why they have a higher tendency of hitting more milestones.

If the bulls are able to stay true to their cause, then more investors would soon join them, forming an even bigger rally. This would result in pushing the price of King Finance to a higher figure in the upcoming days.

The bulls may increase their buying practices in order to push King Finance to $12.56 per KING. As of now, the main focus of the bulls seems to be to push the RSI for King Finance into the bullish direction. If they successfully achieve their target, then King Finance’s price may start growing significantly.

With the right support and investment level from the bulls, King Finance may succeed in growing almost three times its current value. In order to get to that point, King Finance may face huge resistance from the King Finance bears at $17.76. This point is currently expected to be the strongest resistance zone, where the bears may attempt to intensify their selling power.

If the bears are not able to build much pressure over the bulls, then King Finance may grow up to $21.44 per KING. Even if the price of King Finance moves towards a price correction, the correction figure it may observe would be around $15.

Then come bears with their bearish efforts to drag King Finance down to a low level. Their attempt would be to first increase the selling pressure at the lower levels and observe the competition the bulls may portray.

If the competition is alarming for the bears, they may continue with low-level sales of King Finance. Otherwise, the bears may intensify their sales for King Finance and start dipping the price of King Finance.

If that happens, then the price of King Finance may sink to $5.49 per KING. Moving on, the bears may increase their selling power, to push King Finance’s price deeper into the lower grounds. Their next attempt may end up bringing King Finance down to $4.94 per KING.

If the bears manage to form a recurring bearish trend, then competition may become from the investors’ end. The bears may then do as they please and the price of King Finance may get pushed down to $4.45 per KING.