Price Analysis of LaunchZone (LZ) and DGPayment (DGP)

LaunchZone – Experienced a 69.70% Surge

LaunchZone investors are proving to be very determined in pushing the price of LaunchZone to higher marks. This is the reason why they have increased their buying efforts in the past 24-hours, which has formed a 69.70% rally.

With the help of a strong rally, the bulls have managed to bring the trading price of LaunchZone up to $0.6534 per LZ. Before the buying spree of the investors had begun, LaunchZone exhibited a low price of $0.4133 per LZ.

Although the bears had plans to keep LaunchZone at the particular mark for a longer period of time, the bulls were planning something else. They were getting ready to launch their strong attack against the bears, which they did in the past 24-hours.

As of now, the trading volume for LaunchZone is surging and the demand for LaunchZone is also going up. The constant rise in the demand for LaunchZone is a strong indication of the growth in its value.

As the price of LaunchZone continues rising, it is expected that soon, it would hit a strong resistance mark. The first strong resistance mark would be achieved by the bulls at $0.8451 per LZ.

It is being predicted that the trading volume of the investors may continue surging and it may bring in even more investors to support the bulls. This would result in pushing the price of LaunchZone even higher and in the upcoming days, LaunchZone may reach up to $1.02 per LZ.

As LaunchZone reaches $1.02, the bulls may show no sign of stopping. This would elevate their confidence and dedication even more in running the bullish trend for LaunchZone. As a result, the price of LaunchZone may grow up to a high of $1.23 per LZ.

DGPayment – Experienced a 68.89% Surge

DGPayment (DGP) has experienced a high trend in its growth in the past 24-hours as well. In this particular period, the investors have started showing great interest in investing in DGPayment. Therefore, they have continued acquiring more and more DGPayment to push its price higher.

The bullish sentiments of the investors are remarkable and so far, they have resulted in forming a 68.89% rally in favor of the ascending growth. At the time of writing, the trading value of DGPayment is at a high of $0.01791 per DGP, while it was at $0.0106 per DGP a day back.

Right now, the bulls are much stronger against the bears in the competition, and they may continue keeping the bears at the low ranks. For this, the bulls may continue increasing their buying power, pushing the price of DGPayment to a high of $0.02399 per DGP.