Price Analysis of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT), MONNFTS (MON), and more Cryptocurrencies

linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is currently being ranked as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies, as it has observed an 82.21% rally in the past 24-hours. It is because of the upsurge the price of linSpirit has reached the unit value of $0.1569 per LINSPIRIT.

If the investors keep injecting more energy into the acquisition process of linSpirit, its price may elevate to $0.2858 per LINSPIRIT. If the investors keep competing with the bears, then they may aid bulls in pushing linSpirit’s price over the $0.4034 per LINSPIRIT figure.

It is expected that the investors may have another strong rally reserved, which they may initiate to push in spirit over the $0.4863 per LINSPIRIT value.

MONNFTS (MON) is proving to be another profitable and lucrative decision for the investors as it is exhibiting an 81.38% 24h rally. Because the investors have maintained a 24h high rally, the price of MONNFTS has elevated to its current value of $0.001914 per MON.

Going forward, the investors may go for another major bullish run, which would push the value of MONNFTS to a higher figure of $0.002692 per MON. As the support for MONNFTS keeps rising and more investors continue witnessing it, they may start leaning towards MONNFTS’ uptrend.

The input from the side of the investors may help push MONNFTS up to $0.003240 per MON. Then the investors may go for another bullish accumulation of MONNFTS, which would push its price over $0.003900.

The PaintSwap (BRUSH) bulls are also displaying very high determination in elevating the price of PaintSwap. So far, they have achieved a 24h rally that stands at 78.87%, and as a result, PaintSwap has observed significant growth. At present, PaintSwap’s value is at $0.08855 per BRUSH and its price may continue getting stronger.

The statistics suggest that as of now, 10 out of 14 investors are bullish, meaning they want to accumulate PaintSwap. This is a clear indication that the price of PaintSwap may be bound to surge in near future.

It is expected that if the investors start pushing harder, the value of PaintSwap may increase to $0.1583 per BRUSH. Another push from the stakeholders to support the rally may increase PaintSwap’s value to $0.2208 per BRUSH.

PutinCoin (PUT) is also growing in value and the 76.50% rally is authenticating the bullish trend for PaintSwap. As of now, the value of PaintSwap is at $0.00398 per PUT, and the investors’ buying spree may continue pushing it higher.

If the investors keep adding more buying power to PaintSwap, it may rise to $0.009795. The performance scale for PaintSwap shows a high preference rate of investors in adding PaintSwap to their portfolios. As a result, the price of PaintSwap may get pushed up to $0.01172 per PUT.