Price Analysis of LiveNFT (LIVENFT), GScarab (GSCARAB), and Binance Multi-Chain Capital (BMCC)

The price analysis report by TradingView for LiveNFT (LIVENFT) shows that in the past 24-hours, the investors have become bullish about LiveNFT. This has helped push LiveNFT’s price up to the strong standing price of $0.00632 per LIVENFT.

In a 24-hour period, the rally LiveNFT has observed is 122.69%, and it is being expected that the rally may continue for a while. If this turns out to be the case for LiveNFT, then the value of LiveNFT may get accelerated to $0.01407 per LIVENFT.

The investors are currently bullish about LiveNFT and the performance scale shows that the investors are siding with “strong buy” sentiments. This means that the price of LiveNFT may grow up to $0.02251. As the price of LiveNFT keeps growing, the sentiments of the LiveNFT supports may become more firm. This would result in pushing the price of LiveNFT up to $0.02927.

GScarab (GSCARAB) has also grown tremendously in the past 24-hours, having observed a 112.17 rally. The rally has helped elevate GScarab’s price up to $742.09. With GScarab observing a significant rally, the bulls may try and use the sentiments of the investors in their favor.

The investors may try to push GScarab’s price up to the first strong resistance point which is $964.71. The investors would then try and push the price of GScarab up to the second strong resistance mark ($1157.66).

The next target that the investors would have in their sight after successfully hitting the second strong resistance mark would be $1,273.42. However, to push the price of GScarab up to the third strong resistance mark, the bulls will need as much support from the investors as possible.

However, the bulls would need to keep the buying trend going for a significant amount of time. If the bulls make the trend constant due to their buying activity on a medium level, then GScarab’s price may rise to $1273.42.

Then on the list is Binance Multi-Chain Capital (BMCC) which has demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours. The rally being observed for Binance Multi-Chain Capital in the past 24-hours is recurring at 107.09%. This has pushed the price of Binance Multi-Chain Capital higher, bringing it to $0.000001931.

As of now, it seems that the bulls are attempting to bring in more support for Binance Multi-Chain Capital via more investments. According to the bulls, more investors would mean that the price of Binance Multi-Chain Capital may grow up to the first resistance mark $0.000002896.

The bulls may keep pushing harder in the upcoming days to push the price of Binance Multi-Chain Capital up to the second strong resistance mark ($0.000004055). Then the bulls would gain the confidence to hit another strong resistance mark that would be $0.000005271 per BMCC.