Price Analysis of MOBOX (MBOX) and Shiba Predator (QOM)

With the prices of MOBOX and Shiba Predator growing significantly in the past 24-hours, the investors are demanding for their future performances. Although it is not confirmed how long the rally may last, but the confidence level of the investors is seemingly high. The price analysis of both MOBOX and Shiba Predator has been shared to see how they may grow in the upcoming days.

MOBOX (MBOX) Price Surges by 20.34%

MOBOX performance chart has been showing significant growth for the digital asset in the past 24-hours. The report shows that MOBOX was at a low of $2.62 per MBOX when the rally started forming.

It was the bulls who started purchasing MOBOX on a higher level and soon, their strong acquisition ability attracted more investors. As a result, a 20.34% rally was formed that has elevated the price of MOBOX to a high of $3.81 per MBOX.

The purchasing power of the bulls has been growing stronger because they are being supported by neutral investors. The investors are continuously leaning towards the positive trend, which has pushed the RSI into the ascending channel as well.

This means that the price of MOBOX may continue to grow higher. In the next few days, the price of MOBOX may grow up to $4.02 per MBOX.

For now, the summary scale is also supporting the positive intents of the investors. This is a strong indication that the rally formed by the bulls may not end soon. As a result, the price of MOBOX may grow up to a high of $4.43 per MBOX.

Shiba Predator (QOM) Price Surges by 20.11%

Shiba Predator was reported at a low of $0.0000001457 per QOM when the bears ended up losing their selling power. As the bears had to regain their strength, the bulls found it to be the best opportunity to launch their strong rally. As a result, the bulls managed to form a 22.25% rally in the past 24-hours, bringing the unit price of Shiba Predator to a high of $0.0000001793 per QOM.

The analysis report shows that the bulls are aiming to push Shiba Predator into the high resistance zone. The reason behind the prediction is the candlestick graph, which shows that whenever the bears are selling Shiba Predator, the bulls are buying it.

This has created a loop, which is going in favor of the bulls as their price is constantly growing higher. If the trend continues, the price of Shiba Predator may grow higher and reach the first resistance mark of $0.0000002144 per QOM.

If Shiba Predator’s RSI and moving averages grow bullish, then Shiba Predator may hit another resistance checkpoint ($0.0000002593 per QOM).