Price Analysis of NDN Link (NDN) and Newton (NEW)

According to the price analysis data, NDN Link has observed a 99.9% rally that has pushed its price significantly. Following the rally, the value of NDN Link has moved up to $0.004137 per NDN. As the rally for NDN Link has grown stronger, so has the trading volume, and at the time of publication, it is hovering over $114k.

Current Market Preference for NDN Link

As the price of NDN Link has elevated, many analysts have shared their analysis and predictions for the future price of NDN Link. Given the performance of NDN Link in the past 24-hours, the analysts have revealed that the majority of the investors are preferring to buy it.

This means that NDN Link has a bright future ahead and its value may continue getting pushed higher by the bulls. The percentage of bullish investors compared to the bearish investors is 77%, which points toward a strong growth future for NDN Link.

If the bulls increase their buying power and keep the rallies intact, sustaining high pressure from the bears, then NDN Link may reach R1 ($0.006203).

As the investors gain more confidence in following the bulls, the demand for NDN Link may continue to grow higher. As a result, the bullish trend line would eventually pull the RSI to its side. This would allow the investors to push NDN Link even higher, and their next benchmark would be the R2 ($0.007753).

Once the R2 is hit, the bulls will gain enough backup from the investors that they will be able to launch another strong rally. This way, the bulls will be able to push NDN Link to R3 ($0.009689).

Newton Records Very High Rally in 24-Hours

Newton’s (NEW) performance has also been very remarkable in the past 24-hours. This is because Newton’s value has surged by 105.70% in the past 24-hours. At the time of publication, Newton’s value is at $0.0007071 per NEW. The investments from the bulls have also elevated the trading volume for Newton by 0.99%. After the uplifting, the trading volume for Newton is now at $216,973. The market valuation for Newton has also shot up by 105.70% and it is currently hovering over $14.50 million.

This is a great surge that Newton has observed in the past 24-hours and the investors are eager to invest more money into Newton. Such sentiments have been confirmed by a majority of the on-chain data analyzing firms through their analysis data.

The data suggests that the overall opinion of the investors about Newton is that the asset would grow in value in the upcoming days. Based on such judgment, the investors are highly likely to side with the bulls and push Newton to a higher value.

In the upcoming days, the investors may push Newton’s value to $0.001080 per NEW. If the sentiments of the investors keep growing higher, then they may find it easier to spend more money to push Newton to $0.001366.