Price Analysis of Rebel Bots (RBLS) and Tresor Finance ($TRESOR)

Rebel Bots (RBLS)

After a great competition between the bulls and the bears, things have finally worked in favor of the bulls, as Rebel Bots’ value is now surging. On March 13, Rebel Bots’ value stood at a low of $0.1367 per RBLS.

This is when the bulls started making huge investments in favor of Rebel Bots, pushing its value up to $0.4227 per RBLS on March 15. However, the bears were not ready to give up that easily. They increased their selling power to pull Rebel Bots’ value lower to $0.2627 per RBLS by March 17, 2022.

From there until the beginning of March 19, the trading price of the RBLS/USDT pair kept hovering between $0.2700 and $0.3300 per RBLS.

From midday trading on March 19, the bulls picked up the pace against the bears and started showing their true buying potential. This resulted in pushing the price of Rebel Bots to higher levels.

With strong buying sentiments, the bulls formed a strong 135.14% rally, which pushed their value up to the strong resistance benchmarks. As a result, the value of Rebel Bots was pushed up to $0.8376.

Even now, a strong ascending trend has been achieved by the bulls, which would keep pushing its price higher into the resistance zones. The first resistance mark the bulls may succeed in achieving would be $1.40 per RBLS.

As the buying power continues to surge, the bulls may achieve another strong resistance mark for Rebel Bots, which will be $1.87 per RBLS.

In near future, as the confidence of the bears continues to break and strong buying sentiments continue kicking in, the value of Rebel Bots may surge to $2.19 per RBLS.

Tresor Finance ($TRESOR)

The Tresor Finance ($TRESOR) investors have also demonstrated high sentiments in favor of its positive trend. They have reportedly increased their buying power to push the value of Tresor Finance to a strong psychological figure ($5.26 per $TRESOR).

In the beginning, the value of Tresor Finance was very low, and it hovered around $1.00 per $TRESOR. This is when the bulls started building up a rally at the lower levels, which picked up the pace in the past 24-hours. This resulted in forming a 107.11% rally, bringing its value up to the current psychological mark.

However, this is not the only high mark that the bulls have achieved as they are willing to go for higher gains. In the upcoming days, the bulls may increase their buying power, which would bring the unit price of Tresor Finance up to $8.07 per $TRESOR.

As the rallies remain constant and the investors keep joining the bulls with strong buying sentiments, the demand for Tresor Finance may continue rising. This would eventually push Tresor Finance high up to $10.24 and then $11.61 per $TRESOR.