Price Analysis of Rumble Gaming (RMBL), PalGold (PALG), and Enigma (ENG)

Time to go through the performance of Rumble Gaming, PalGold, and Enigma that are now demonstrating the worst performances. These cryptocurrencies haven’t been able to perform well in the past 24-hours, and therefore, their analyses have been carried out to establish their future prices.

Rumble Gaming (RMBL) may dip to $0.0000009134

In the past 24-hours, Rumble Gaming (RMBL) has experienced a 55.36% dip, bringing its unit price down to $0.000001253 per RMBL. The bears are constantly increasing their selling power to create more depression in the value of Rumble Gaming.

The trading volume for Rumble Gaming has also experienced a 62.97% dip in the past 24-hours, which has brought it down to $101,275. The fully diluted valuation for Rumble Gaming has also experienced a dip.

Even now, the bears are selling Rumble Gaming on a high scale, and they are being accompanied by investors with negative sentiments. This has resulted in bringing the value of Rumble Gaming down to $0.000001127 per RMBL.

As the price continues sinking, more investors may side with the bears, shifting the trend even more negative. This would result in bringing the value of Rumble Gaming down to $0.000001014. If the bears go for another selling spree, the price of Rumble Gaming may get pushed down to $0.0000009134 per RMBL.

PalGold (PALG) may dip to $0.005947

PalGold has also continued experiencing a 75.53% dip in the past 24-hours. Due to the plummet, the value of PalGold has moved down to $0.008158 per PALG. At present, the bears are very strong against the bulls in terms of their selling power.

With such strong selling sentiments, the bears may continue going for high selling spree, and they may also bring more investors to their side. This would result in pulling the price of PalGold down to $0.007342 per PALG.

Despite the efforts made by the bulls, the bears may still push with high power, which would result in pushing the price of PalGold down to $0.006607 per PALG.

If the bears keep flushing out more PalGold, then they may succeed in pushing PalGold below the breakdown mark ($0.005947).

Enigma (ENG) may dip to $0.01007

The bears have been selling Enigma on a high scale in the past 24-hours, which has resulted in forming a 51.91% plummet. At the time of writing, the value of Enigma is at $0.01382 per ENG, and the bears may continue with their selling efforts to bring Enigma’s value even lower.

The bulls may try and defend the support marks against the bears, but if the bears prevail, the value of Enigma may sink to $0.01243 per ENG. If the bears continue flushing out Enigma, and the neutral investors follow their path, then Enigma may dip to $0.01119 and then to $0.01007.