Price Analysis of SafeMoon V2 (SFM) and WINkLink (WIN)

SafeMoon V2 (SFM) – 21.78% Price Surge

The trading value of the SFM/USDT pair has reportedly surged by 21.78% in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, the unit price of SafeMoon V2 is worth $0.001223 per SFM.

Before the bulls increased their buying efforts, the value of SafeMoon V2 was at a low of $0.000939 per SFM. At present, the investors have no intentions of losing the rally, so they may continue pouring in money to acquire as many SafeMoon V2 as possible.

The trading volume for SafeMoon V2 is currently worth $85,882,518. The bulls have also rallied to push the fully diluted valuation of SafeMoon V2 to a high of $1,153,878,073.

If the bulls continue investing money in SafeMoon V2 on a higher, the price of SafeMoon V2 may rise significantly. With their strong buying power, the first mark the bulls may try and hit would be $0.001436 per SFM.

As the buying sentiments of the bulls continue growing higher, the price of SafeMoon V2 may also grow up to a higher mark. The second strong resistance milestone the bulls may try and hit for SafeMoon V2 would be $0.001693 per SFM.

With the RSI and the moving averages of SafeMoon V2 moving over the midline, the trend for SafeMoon V2 may become more bullish. This would result in pushing the price of SafeMoon V2 to a high of $0.001914 per SFM.

WINkLink (WIN) – 18.65% Price Surge

WINkLink price has also experienced a substantial surge in the past 24-hours. The bulls have rallied against all the odds in order to overwhelm the bears. Their buying power has continued surging in the past 24-hours, thus, forming an 18.65% rally, which has pushed WINkLink’s price to a high of $0.0003796 per WIN.

If the bulls keep adding more WINkLink to their portfolios, the demand for WINkLink may continue rising. Such a rise in the demand for WINkLink would increase the value of WINkLink, pushing it up to $0.0004319 per WIN.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may attempt to push the RSI of WINkLink over the midline. If that happens, it would trigger another strong rally, which would eventually elevate WINkLink to $0.0006117 per WIN.

As the strong rally continues, more investors will come to back the bulls up in their strong sentimental run. This would cause the price of Inverse Finance to get pushed up to another strong resistance mark ($0.0007800).

However, to get to the particular level, the bulls will need to first break the strong defenses set by the bears at $0.0006671 per WIN. The next barrier would be at $0.0007304 per WIN. If the bulls do succeed in pushing over the barriers, then they may hit $0.0007800.