Price Analysis of SelfBar (SBAR) and Snowy Owl (SNO)

On February 28, the price of SelfBar (SBAR) was at a low figure of $0.7354 per SBAR. Bears reportedly imposed a lot of pressure on the bulls in order to keep pushing the price of SelfBar to a lower figure. However, the bulls were able to fight off the strong pressure exerted by the bears and managed to bring a strong rally to formation.

In a matter of 24-hours, the bulls have increased their buying level, forming a remarkable 102.97% rally. With the rally being formed in favor of SelfBar’s bullish run, its value has elevated to $1.49 per SBAR.

Bullish Sentiments of Investors

At present, the bulls have very high sentiments and they are willing to go an extra mile to push SelfBar’s price to a higher level. It is being predicted that the bulls may carry on with their buying spree to push it up to the first resistance mark of $2.25 per SBAR.

If the bulls manage to keep it up, then the price of SelfBar may start growing dramatically. After hitting the first resistance benchmark ($2.25), the bulls may start pushing harder to hit another strong resistance spot.

For that, the bulls will need to try harder and push the RSI for SelfBar more into the positive territory. This way, the bulls may succeed in jumping the price of SelfBar up to $2.83 per SBAR.

The bulls will have another opening that they may use to their favor and succeed in pushing the price of SelfBar up to the third resistance mark. As of now, SelfBar’s third resistance benchmark is $3.20 per SBAR.

Negative Sentiments of Investors

The negative sentiments surrounding SelfBar propose that the bears may succeed in demonstrating high resistance. The high resistance from the bears’ end would succeed in pushing SelfBar to a lower value.

Given the amount of pressure the SelfBar bears apply, SelfBar may hit the first support mark at $1.19 per SBAR. If the selling activity of the SelfBar bears deepens, then SelfBar may plummet to $1.072 per SBAR.

SelfBar bears may apply more pressure going forward to sink the price of SelfBar even more. If the RSI and the moving averages do start moving in favor of SelfBar bears, then SelfBar may plummet to $0.9655 per SBAR.

Snowy Owl’s 74.99% March

Snowy Owl (SNO) is currently observing an uptrend as the bulls have rallied to form a 74.99% march in the past 24-hours. As of now, the SNO/USDT pair is observing a trading price of $4.44 per SNO.

Just like SBAR, the investors are leaning towards the bulls and they may continue doing so as the performance suggests the same positive trend. Therefore, the bulls have the opportunity of pushing Snowy Owl up to $7.92 per SNO.