Price Analysis of ShibRWD, Stobox Token, and FirstDoge

The investors have been constantly taking out the bears in the cross-fire where the bears have been trying to bring ShibRWD’s price down. However, the bulls are constantly stealing the show with their buying prowess which is demonstrated by ShibRWD’s 227.90% rally.

At the time of writing, ShibRWD’s price is $0.000000006118, which may grow higher in the next couple of days. The price may still continue rising given the efforts of the bulls, and in near future, the first strong resistance mark ShibRWD would achieve is $0.00000001290.

For now, the bulls have the opportunity to push harder against the bears and hope for a strong inclination for ShibRWD. This would eventually push the price of ShibRWD up to $0.00000002012.

At this point, the bears may increase their selling power to try and keep ShibRWD below the midline. This would mean that the bulls may not feel safe in increasing their investments, due to ShibRWD being in the negative zone.

This would eventually help push the price of ShibRWD all the way up to the third strong resistance mark ($0.00000003018).

Then come the bears with their selling rallies, as they would also want to steal the show from the bulls. If they somehow, manage to lower the confidence of the bulls and investors, then ShibRWD’s price may end up falling.

For now, the RSI is siding with the bears and if the bears are able to cause an impact, then ShibRWD’s price may fall down to $0.000000004345. If the bears continue flushing out more and more ShibRWD, then ShibRWD’s price may continue plunging. This would become the reason for ShibRWD hitting a low price of $0.000000001668.

For Stobox Token (STBU), the investors are keeping their spirits up and are preferring the bulls. This means that more investors are likely to invest and accumulate Stobox Token. The current 227.80% is a remarkable spectacle for the entire investment community eager to invest and bring Stobox Token’s higher.

As of now, Stobox Token’s price is at $0.01852, and this is just the starting point for the investors in favor of Stobox Token. The investors may start moving in favor of Stobox Token’s positive growth, by adding more Stobox Token to their wallets.

This would create high demand for Stobox Token and simply increase its price up to the first strong resistance mark ($0.03944). If all goes well and the bulls continue marching, they would lead the trend in favor of a positive, pushing Stobox Token’s price up to $0.06310.

The second strong resistance mark would be the point where the investors would start marching with greater power. As the buying power surges, the price for Stobox Token would grow up to $0.09465.