Price Analysis of SKY FRONTIER (GSKY) and CyborgShiba (CBS)

Time to go through the performance analysis of SKY FRONTIER and CyborgShiba which have recorded high gains in their prices in the past 24hours. These cryptocurrencies have recorded rallies that are 194.72% and 175.10%. Let us see where GSKY and CBS would be in the upcoming days. From the looks of it, both cryptocurrencies are moving into the strong positive territory demonstrating high gains.


In the past 7-days, the overall trend for SKY FRONTIER had remained negative and bearish. The price of SKY FRONTIER kept hovering in the negative zone as the bulls were not able to do anything about the situation.

The price of SKY FRONTIER continued floating in the lower zone. It continued oscillating between $0.000000004455 and $0.000000003354 per GSKY.

The bulls were not able to demonstrate high gaining sentiments, which meant that the price of SKY FRONTIER would continue experiencing a downtrend.

However, the bulls successfully launched a counter against the strong selling power of the bears. The bulls launched an all-out attack against the bears and continued pushing them out of the competition. The bulls reportedly formed a 194.72% rally, which resulted in pushing the price of SKY FRONTIER to a high of $0.00000001799 per GSKY.

From the beginning point of the rally until now, the rally is strong and it is constantly growing stronger. The bulls have even managed to create a great 433.66% surge in the trading volume. At present, the trading volume for SKY FRONTIER is at a high of $385,297.

The fully diluted valuation for SKY FRONTIER has also experienced a surge and if the situation continues growing bullish, its price may continue growing higher.

The data predicts that with the transition of the RSI of SKY FRONTIER from the bearish to the bullish zone, more investors would turn positive. This would help in pushing the price of SKY FRONTIER to a high of $0.00000003168 per GSKY.


The price CyborgShiba has also experienced a significant elevation in a 24-hour time period. From the performance data of CyborgShiba, it can be perceived that the bears were under the impression that they were running a strong selling trend for CyborgShiba.

Although the bears did succeed in keeping the price of CyborgShiba pushed to the bottom, the bulls launched their counter in the past 24-hours. They successfully fought off the bears and formed a 175.10% rally in favor of CyborgShiba, which pushed its price to a high of $0.000007182 per CBS.

Before the investors had formed a strong rally, CyborgShiba’s trading price was at a low of $0.000002546 per CBS.

Going forward, if the buying sentiments of the investors grow stronger, then the price of CyborgShiba may surge to $0.00001204 per CBS.