Price Analysis of Ternoa (CAPS) and Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

Ternoa Pushed up to $0.07076

It is true that Ternoa (CAPS) is currently experiencing a high trend but the situation wasn’t the same for the digital asset more than 24-hours back. Prior to the bulls forming a rally in the past 24-hours, the value of Ternoa was at a low of $0.054 per CAPS.

From time to time, the bulls tried to push the price of Ternoa to a higher figure, but the bears were not ready to give them any passage.

This is when the bulls launched their strong counter in the past 24-hours, forming a strong 27.41% rally. This resulted in causing the price of Ternoa to get pushed up to a high of $0.07076 per CAPS.

Even now, the on-chain data analyzing firms are recording a constant surge in the rally, value, and trading volume for Ternoa. The trading volume for Ternoa has been pushed up by 431.88% in the past 24-hours, bringing the volume close to $5 million.

The bulls are showing no signs of letting the bears take control over the trend again. If the bulls want to keep it that way for a longer period of time, they will need to increase their acquisition power.

If they manage to do it, then the price of Ternoa may rise up to $         0.09647 per CAPS. With more investors joining the same league as the bulls, the overall trend for Ternoa may become bullish, pushing Ternoa up to $0.1244 per CAPS.

Mines of Dalarnia Pushed up to $1.09

Mine of Dalarnia (DAR) is also experiencing the same trend as the bulls have rallied forming a 28.17% rally to push its price higher. Before the rally kicked in, the price of Mine of Dalarnia was at a low of $0.86 per DAR, but now, it is at a high of $1.10 per DAR.

If the bulls keep on adding more power to the rally, the price of Mine of Dalarnia may continue rising. This would result in pushing the price of Mine of Dalarnia up to the strong resistance mark of $1.54 per DAR.

In the case where the bears hit back with their strong selling power, then the bulls will need to show their true potential. If they fail, then the price of Mines of Dalarnia may start moving fast in the lower direction.

The bears may continue selling Mines of Dalarnia with high intensity to bring the value of Mines of Dalarnia to a low of $1.03 per DAR. Their next goal would be to bring Mines of Dalarnia down to $0.96 per DAR. Going forward, if the bears continue selling Mines of Dalarnia, and the bulls show no support, Mines of Dalarnia’s price may dip to $0.85 per DAR.