Price Analysis of TitiFinancial (TITI) and Puli (PULI)

Titi Financial (TITI) – Price Surged by 67.68%

The price of Titi Financial has been experiencing a significant rise and the bulls have been growing more positive with time. The investors have also joined the bulls in their strong buying efforts and have given a tough challenge to the bears.

Before the buyers demonstrated their true buying potential, it was the bears that had command over Titi Financial. They continued selling Titi Financial at a low level and sold every rally that the bulls formed.

Their constant selling pressure had pushed Titi Financial down to a low price of $0.0000000007633 per TITI. However, the bulls succeeded in launching a stronger buying attack against the bears and succeeded in pushing the price of Titi Financial to a higher rank.

The report shows that so far, the buying power of the investors plus the bulls has formed a 67.68% rally. This has resulted in pushing the price of Titi Financial to its current high level of $0.000000001377 per TITI.

Considering the fact that TitiFinancial’s price was at a low range a day back, Titi Financial has undergone a remarkable rally, bringing it to such a high rank.

From the looks of it, the bulls are still very much determined in continuing the rally. They may continue with their strong buying sprees and continue growing the demand for Titi Financial. With their strong buying sentiments, the bulls may succeed in pushing Titi Financial up to a high of $0.000000001941 per TITI.

For the bulls, the rally may not end at $0.000000001941, as this may be the turning point for them. From the particular mark, the bulls may continue intensifying their buying spree, which may result in pushing the price of Titi Financial to a high of $0.000000002698 per TITI.

At this point, the moving averages and the RSI for Titi Financial may also come close to the actual trend line for Titi Financial. If the bulls continue with their strong buying spree, then Titi Financial may enter the resistance zone, where the first mark would be $0.000000003222 per TITI.

Puli (PULI) – Price Surged by 67.14%

Puli investors are also showing off their real buying potential as they have continued forming a strong rally in the past 24-hours. So far, their efforts have resulted in forming a 67.14% rally, pushing its price to $0.1021 per PULI.

If the bulls keep buying Puli at a high rate and the bears keep backing out, then the price of Puli may grow up to a high of $0.1560 per PULI.

Going forward, the bulls may gain another opportunity to go for another strong rally, which may result in pushing the price of Titi Financial to a high of $0.1860 per PULI.