Price Analysis of Will Smith Inu (WSI) and Socean Staked Sol (SCNSOL)

Looks like the actions of Will Smith in the recent Oscar awards where he slapped Chris Rock has worked out in favor of Will Smith Inu (WSI). Then comes Socean Staked Sol (SCNSOL) which has also experienced a huge surge due to the strong involvement of the bulls.

Let us go through the price analysis of both cryptocurrencies to see how the bulls have elevated their prices in the past 24-hours.

Will Smith Inu Price Surged by 373.29%

It is so surprising that the opportunists were really smart as they launched Will Smith Inu right after the incident took place at the Oscars. One of the most controversial moments from the 2022 Oscars was Will Smith slapping the host and one of the most famous standup comedians in Hollywood, Chris Rock.

Will Smith reportedly slapped Chris Rock as he made a joke about his wife referring her to the main protagonist from a movie named G.I. Jane. Although it was thought to be a joke at first, then people realized that Will Smith walking up to Chris Rock and slapping him was the real thing.

The opportunists have, therefore, launched Will Smith Inu and so far, they have gained tremendously from the incident. The data shows that in the past 24-hours, the value of the WSI/USDT pair has surged by 378.69%. Following the surge, the unit price of Will Smith Inu has elevated to $0.0000003627 per WSI.

From the looks of it, the bulls are strongly backing Will Smith Inu and the investors may continue doing the same for a few days. This would result in pushing the price of Will Smith Inu all the way up to $0.000001049 per WSI.

As it is a meme coin, it is being expected that the bulls may try their best to gain from Will Smith Inu as much as they can in a short amount of time. After that, the value of Will Smith Inu may start sinking, but for now, it is in the bullish zone.

With more investments coming in favor of Will Smith Inu, its price may surge to $0.000002043 and then $0.000003009 per WSI.

Socean Staked Sol Price Surged by 820.60%

The unit price of Socean Staked Sol has reportedly surged by 820.60% in the past 24-hours. Following the surge, the trading value of the WSI/USDT pair has surged to $718.46 per SCNSOL.

Even now, the rally for Socean Staked Sol has been growing, and if it continues, then its price may surge to $791.95 per SCNSOL.

Going forward, the investors may continue accumulating more Socean Staked Sol, pushing its value all the way up to a high resistance mark ($872.97).