Price Analysis of ZDC, FREN, PLC, and THOR

According to the price analysis report for Zodiacs (ZDC), its price has experienced a 91.90% surge, moving up to $0.02384 per ZDC. The data shows that Zodiacs’ prices started plummeting from December 22, 2021. From that point, Zodiacs’ price has continued experiencing a downtrend.

However, Zodiacs has started experiencing a rally in the past 24-hours. Therefore, it is not a strong indication that Zodiacs would be able to keep up with the rally for a long time.

The TradingView data suggests that soon, the bears may increase their selling pressure and convert the rally into a strong dip. When that happens, the price of Zodiacs may start experiencing another major dip. In that case, the price of Zodiacs may fall down to $0.01048 per ZDC.

The price analysis for Fren (FREN) suggests that it has observed a strong rally worth 90.77% in the past 24-hours. Due to the strong rally, the price of Fren is now revolving around $0.0000008134 per FREN.

At the moment, the general sentiments of the investors are bearish. This is mainly because of the constant plummet that Fren has observed and therefore, the sentiments of the investors are bearish.

Even the performance graph for Fren shows that it is currently observing a negative trend and its price may continue tripping if the bears continue with their selling pressure.

The data suggests that in the upcoming days, the price of Fren may dive down to $0.0000005347 per FREN. If the bears continue with their selling spree, they may succeed in pushing Fren’s price down to $0.0000003204 per FREN.

The price analysis for PLATINCOIN (PLC) suggests that its price has experienced an 86.63% surge, pushing its price up to $1.68 per PLC. The overall trend for PLC is also similar to that of FREN where most of the investors are aiming to sell PLC on minor rallies.

This is exactly what is expected from the investors in the case of PLC, as the bears may sell PLC the moment it observes a high rally. Therefore, the price of PLC may experience a plummet very soon as the bears may attempt to bring PLC down to $1.45.

If the bears succeed in doing that, they may go for another selling spree and try to bring PLC’s price further down to $1.33 per PLC.

The last cryptocurrency with its price analysis is Thor (THOR). The data shows that in the past 24-hours, an 85.94% surge has been recorded for THOR. As the price for THOR has soared, it has come up to $30.92 per THOR.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may launch stronger rallies in order to push THOR’s price higher. If that happens, then the investors would be looking to increase THOR’s price all the way up to $35.68 per THOR.