Probit Crypto Exchange Rolls Out Giveaway To Celebrate Its Second Anniversary


A crypto exchange firm based in Korea, Probit has announced various mouth-watering prices as the crypto exchange celebrates its second year of operation.

To celebrate its second anniversary, Probit has announced various prizes to be won in the event that will span seventeen days and end on November 30. Giving insights into the prizes that would be up for grabs, the crypto exchange announced that its lucky users would win a share of the 25,000 USDT airdrops while another 25,000 USDT lotteries round will be ongoing.

The crypto exchange said that the fastest 1,000 users to complete a list of requirements would earn 25 USDT each and be in contention for a massive lucky draw where they would earn 500 USDT each.

Users on the exchange to earn from different prizes

To be eligible for the 500 USDT draws, members have been told to increase their membership status on the exchange. Another list of winners will be eligible for other prizes if they can accumulate the most tickets when a draw between the VIP members takes place.

Probit has cemented its way on the top as one of the best Korean originated crypto exchange, boasting of a trust score of 7. It is currently rivaling top exchanges across Korea, including renowned crypto exchange, Bithumb, and Upbit.

Another thing that has endeared the young crypto exchange to many users outside Korea is its sophisticated security. Notably, Probit is still one of the crypto exchange that has never been hacked. With its track record and its very easy to use interface, the platform has witnessed the entrance of clients in droves.

The exchange also allows users to use the newly introduced FTX leverage to take long or short positions while promising them up to 3x leverage with no liquidation risk with manual leverage and collateral positions.

Probit witnessed a massive acceleration in a short time frame

Users who wish to buy tokens at 50% off its price through its subscription-based platform with massive returns per year are currently moving to the crypto exchange. The exchange has also promised to launch Swingby, the main showcase of the scheduled events to celebrate its second anniversary.

Probit’s integration with Bituniverse, a grid trading platform, allows its users to set up intermediate trading features. The feature has an integrated bot that users leverage to buy low and sell high automatically.

One of the firm’s accomplishments in the last two years is setting up a base of operations in over 200 countries. It also has customer support in over 40 languages and 12 communities that boast nothing less than 50,000,000 users worldwide.

Probit’s main headquarters are present in Korea, China, Brazil, and Indonesia. Due to its massive presence across the globe, it has received recognition from top aggregator websites worldwide. With the increase in the hype around its anniversary, Probit has launched another Twitter giveaway worth 200 USDT.