Prosegur Launches Digital Asset Custody Service Focused on Institutional Clients

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Prosegur, a multinational security firm based in Spain, announced on Wednesday the launch of a new digital asset custody service for the institutional market.

Prosegur Crypto

Called Prosegur Crypto, the focus of the new service will be on institutional clients. Those who invest in cryptocurrencies and need maximum security custody can leverage this service. This service is highly based on the security firm’s unique custody model that not only involves security protocols along with modern technologies in the fields of cybersecurity and cryptography but also the infrastructures of Prosegur as well.

What makes Prosegur Crypto unique from other custodial services is that it consists of quality standards in physical security. The firm has said to store the private keys of users in its physical infrastructure. Users’ private keys will be stored “without any internet connection”. Thus, these capabilities make this service complete and safe for institutional clients.

Prosegur Crypto will provide complete security to clients. This comprehensive management solution will allow them to store their digital assets. They can use a mobile application to manage their digital asset holdings in a completely secure way. Thus, it ensures a high level of security.

As per the firm’s announcement, the new digital asset management and custody solution will also be accessible to exchanges, financial institutions, family offices, government agencies, and investment management firms. They can use Prosegur Crypto for the management of their cryptocurrencies. They will not need to have a direct internet connection for this purpose.

First Global Security Firm to Offer Crypto Custody

As per Prosegur’s claim, the Spanish security firm is the first one of its kind to step into the digital assets market and is offering the custody and management of cryptocurrencies through its service.

Commenting on this service, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Prosegur Crypto Raimundo Castilla said:

“Our platform meets a real and urgent need that exists in the market today. With this unique proposal, we offer a comprehensive and reliable custody solution with the level of protection and demand required by companies and institutions.”

“Few institutional custodians are able to provide an adequate level of protection. Prosegur Crypto aims to lead this market as the safest and most reliable partner for institutional investors,” Castilla added.