QuantBitex Review – Get a Sense of Ultra-powerful Automated Crypto Trading

QuantBitex Review

QuantBitex logoDo you often feel that there are certain things in this world that have not changed much despite all the technological advancements? Yes, there are some things that don’t seem to change with time. You can say that this has been the case with online trading as well for quite some years. Since people started trading from their homes using their internet connections, they have been trading in the same manner. While the smartphones have gone from being dumb devices to tools with AI-powered cameras, trading has not changed much. That is until now.

Today, I will tell you about QuantBitex. This trading platform is what traders have been hoping for and dreaming about for many years. You must have dreamed about sitting in your bedroom while someone is making money for you. Well, who could that someone be other than a robot? Well, it is not exactly a robot, as in a machine that lives with you, but a software tool that trades on your behalf. In addition to that, you get professional help from the experts who can help you trade in a way that benefits you in many ways.

In this QuantBitex, I wish to tell you a lot about this trading services provider. There is a lot that I can admire about it, but I won’t let you judge it based on my opinions and suggestions. I want you to read more about and make up your mind based on that information.

Broker QuantBitex
Website quantbitex.com
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Style Automated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading Accounts Four (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Annual Savings Up to 9%
No-interest Loan Up to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit 250 EUR
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Customer Service 24/5

QuantBitex logo

Type of Trading You Will Do

Firstly, you have to look at the type of trading you will be doing when you sign up with this company. I am sure that you have researched some online brokers before and you know how they provide you with this service. You also have online exchanges that you let you trade digital currencies. On those platforms, you trade them in a completely different manner. When you trade with online brokers, you are not actually trading cryptocurrencies at all. You are just trading their contracts. If you think you own digital coins by trading those contracts, you are wrong.

Now, when it comes to online exchanges, they are only an online counter where you put your money and get another money in return. In this particular instance, the other currency is the digital currency. Things will be completely different when you are with QuantBitex. This firm has made sure that you are able to participate in cryptocurrency trading without actively being a part of it.

In other words, you will not trade manually and by picking the assets with your hands. You will be on a trading platform that picks the best trades for you and executes them on your behalf. It knows what it is doing and makes sure that you are profitable with these trades. Yes, there are financial advisors to provide you with direction as to what you should do with your money. At the end of the day, you are a part of the system in which you can make money through robots trading on your behalf. Your trading platform is the robot here. It performs the trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Yes, it is important to know here that you will be trading only digital currencies when you sign up with QuantBitex. With other companies, you are trading other assets as well. Here, the automatic trading will be taking place in the cryptocurrency market only. There are many currencies from which the platform can pick the one that is going to benefit you the most. Here, you should be concerned as to how the platform will perform the trades on your behalf. That’s where algorithms come in.

The Power of Algorithms

The most important concept that you have to wrap your head around when you are with is that your trades will be powered in two ways. First, you have a trading platform that uses powerful algorithms to see the patterns and dynamics of the financial market. The second one is the financial advisors who will tell you everything about your trades. You will know that you are trading the right instruments and that they will make you money eventually. As for the trading platforms, it can read data faster than any human being on earth. I also have to tell you that you will be on a trading platform that is powered by quantum computers.

These are the most powerful computers that you can have for your aid when you are trading. In this particular case, they are powering a trading platform that does not even require your active participation to pull off the trades that you want to enter. The algorithms are there to make sure that the trading platform understands the ups and downs of the values in the market. It will analyze every single cryptocurrency to see where it will be going in the future. Based on its analytical data, it will trade the asset that it thinks will be the safest one.

You will not have to worry about mistakes here. You are relying on a software that is basing its decision on data. When humans trade, they usually end up making trading decisions on their emotions. That’s the worst mistake any trader can make in the world. Through algorithmic trading, you can completely throw emotions out of the way of your trading because they don’t help you in any way. More importantly, the algorithmic trading performed by this automated trading platform is so fast that you can’t even imagine the same speed from humans.

In addition to this, you also have human factor involved in this type of trading. That’s where I think QuantBitex is doing the best job. It is not telling you to completely rely on the trading platform and its algorithms. You have financial advisors that will guide your trades in the right direction. This way, you will know what’s happening and how you are benefitting from the trades that are being performed on your behalf.

Deposit Money with Ease

Depositing money in your trading account and trading is not a big deal at all. I have seen that with many online trading platforms, you don’t get the options that you deserve. Trading is not that difficult, but it can become difficult when you have online resources that don’t help you the way they should. For example, I have seen many online brokers that provided me with no option to send my money through credit or debit cards to go for cryptocurrency trading. I have seen many exchanges that don’t allow you to use your credit cards for purchasing your favorite digital currencies.

Here is a problem with this type of system. When you can’t use your regularly used financial tools for depositing money in your trading accounts, you have to go the longer route. You first convert the money you have into the money that you can use on an exchange. You then convert it back to the digital currency that you are willing to purchase. That makes you lose a lot of money in conversion. If you want to avoid this situation, you should consider the trading platform from QuantBitex. On this trading platform, you have credit card options available for you to deposit money in your account.

The best thing is that you can use the credit cards from many different companies. All of these companies are the most known ones, so you will be able to use your card no matter which part of the world you are from. If you have a Maestro card, you can use that for depositing money in your account. Of course, the Visa and MasterCard options are already there for you. If that does not work, you can go with the bank wire transfer as well. It can be a bit slow but you can compromise on speed when it comes to safety.

Proper KYC and AML in Place

Since I am talking about depositing money in your account with your credit card, I have to tell you about all the protocols that you will have to follow before you deposit that amount. Here, you have to understand a concept that many new traders are not able to. They think that they should sign up with online companies that let them sign up with them without any protocols. For example, you will find a lot of online platforms and brokers that let you deposit money in the account without asking for much information. They don’t even ask for you to submit your information.

What you have to realize at this point is that you will be missing out on a huge piece of information. If the company that you are thinking about sign up with is not asking for your personal details, it is not doing you justice. Think about this particular factor. What if someone steals your information from the internet and then uses it with this broker? How do you think this broker will know that someone else is using your information to sign up on its trading platform? That’s a huge issue and you have to take care of it before you pay attention to anything else.

So, when you sign up with QuantBitex¸ you will have to go through proper AML and KYC policies and their protocols. What it means is that you will have to deliver proper information about your identification and bank account before you can even consider yourself a verified trader on the platform of this company. If you don’t provide these pieces of information, you will not be able to trade at all.

The more important part is that you have to send pictures of these documents. If you are using your credit card to deposit money in your account, you will have to send the pictures of your credit card. You will have to send the picture of the front and the back of these cards. This will ensure that you are the person who is using the information and is in possession of the card. The same will have to be done with your identification documents. So, you have to be sure that your information is being protected by the company that you are trusting when you provide all these details. If not, you can be sure that you are not signing up with professional people.

Make Profits on Your Deposits

It is important that you understand the nature of the trading accounts that you will open with QuantBitEx. With other online brokers, what you open are strictly trading accounts. The account that you will open with this company is more like a savings account. You will put your money in this account, and let the financial advisors and bots take care of increasing that amount with the passage of time. Now, once you have opened this account, you have to ask how much money you will be making from this exercise. That’s where the profits come in.

I am glad that the company is offering you some great profits on your deposits. The percentage of profits that you will get on your deposits will depend on the type of account you open. If you go with a basic account, the percentage will be a bit smaller. If you want a bigger percentage, you can go with an advanced account. However, I advise you that you should start with a basic account. Even the profit that you are making with the basic account is not small at all. You are going to make 6% every year when you sign up with the basic account.

That’s 6% of the amount you have in your account. The yearly profit you make on your trades can be bigger if you go with the silver account. It can be 7% with this account, and even more if you go with other advanced accounts. The gold and platinum accounts will offer you 8% and 9% profits on the deposits that you are maintaining in your accounts. Do keep in mind that this profit is based on a yearly average.

Get Loans with No Interest

You might have only heard about this particular feature from others. There are so many companies on the internet that promise to provide you with big loans without charging you any interests. However, the more you know about their programs, the more you realize that they have their ways of charging the money to you. They will take their money in one way or another. The moment you delve into the details, you find out that there is only a small amount of interest that you have to pay. At other times, they tell you that only for a certain period can you avoid the interest.

I am sure you are going to love the way this company has designed its system. It is fully possible for you to get a loan without worrying about the interest rates on the loan. How is the possible? Well, the deposit you make in your account decides the amount of money you can get from it as a loan. I have to tell you here that banks will usually prevent you from taking any money out of the funds that you have deposited in your savings accounts. They don’t want you to take this money out because they are using it for trades and other investments.

However, I have loved the program that has been introduced by QuantBitex. This particular setup offers you some level of safety by providing you with loans in which you don’t have to pay back the loan with any interest. Of course, there are certain limits. If you go with the basic account, you can get only 10% of the amount you have deposited as a loan without interest. The platinum account can offer you the best loans without interest at a 40% of the amount you have deposited. Now, it is up to you to pick the right account, use some money for your personal needs, and let the rest of the money make you profits annually.

Small Deposits Big Leverage Ranges

The first thing I want you to know here is that cryptocurrency trading was difficult only in the past. Today, things have changed completely. In fact, I won’t be wrong to say that it is companies like QuantBitex that have really changed the face of crypto trading. There was a time when you could get your hands on digital coins only when you went to online exchanges. However, with time, these exchanges have not proven to be safe. Many people have lost their money at the hands of non-professional exchanges.

Furthermore, they usually require you to deposit a lot of money to get a small stack of the digital coins that you are interested in. With QuantBitex, things are quite different. You can start your trading account with a small deposit of only 250 EUR. Yes, that amount is enough for you to not only sign up with this company but also trade the best digital currencies in the world. This basic deposit will give you access to the basic account. And just because you sign up with the basic account does not mean you will not get the privileges and facilities that traders with advanced accounts get.

The 24/5 customer support is there for you even with the basic account. Now, the other important thing that I have to mention here is the leverage you will be getting on your trades. When you have leverages, you can enter trades that you might not find possible with the small amount you have in your account. However, when you go with leverages, you can enter big trades. Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other digital currency that you have dreamed of trading is in your reach with these huge leverages. With the basic account, you will get leverages of 1:50. Go with the silver account and you can get leverages of 1:100.

The best leverages are available for those who sign up with the platinum account with this company. If you go with this account, your leverages will be at 1:400. I am sure you will be able to enter some huge trades with that amount. This will allow you to make huge profits and move ahead in your trading career fast.

SSL and Encryption

I have reached almost the end of my review and I can tell you that the point I am talking about right now is the most important one. I had to keep for the last because if you are serious about trading digital currencies, you must have read the full review. If you have read the full review, the final piece of detail will remain in your mind forever. And I want that detail to be about SSL and encryption. I am not going to limit this particular point to online brokers online.

I have to tell you that you should look into SSL and encryption information no matter which online website you are dealing with. You can rest assured that QuantBitex has taken care of these measures. You can sign up with the company and have peace of mind that your information is being protected through SSL certificates and encryption.

Final Thoughts

Now, I am sure you understand what I mean by calling it an ultra-powerful trading method. You have bots doing the trading for you and financial advisors who will make sure that all the trades are safe and reliable. At the end of the day, you just have to count the profits you will be making on your trades. When you need help, you have customer support professionals ready to help you 24/5 with all your concerns. Don’t forget that you will also get one-on-one educational courses to learn what cryptocurrency trading is all about before you put your money on the line.