QuarkChain – The Highly Advanced, Permissable Blockchain Architecture

Want to invest in an innovative ICO project? Look no further than QuarkChain, the cutting-edge, peer-to-peer transactional system designed to provide you with utmost scalability and security. If you’re looking to support a new idea, this is the right platform to start your new crypto venture. Let’s find out how it works:

QuarkChain is a high-capacity Blockchain technology aimed at processing millions of transactions in one second. It consists of dual layer of blockchains: sharding blockchain layer and root blockchain layer. The team behind QuarkChain has designed a game-theoretic framework for incentives, which makes it an ideal platform from all aspects.

Here’s what they say about their QuarkChain technology:

‘’QuarkChain Network is a high-throughput blockchain that aims to achieve more than hundreds of thousands on-chain transactions per second (TPS). The high-capacity system will solve the scalability problem that current main blockchains are facing.

QuarkChain Network uses proof of work (PoW) as the consensus mechanism for the root chain, and root-chain first proof of work (rfPoW) for the shards. The explanation of rfPoW can be found in our whitepaper. QuarkChain Network welcomes various dApps, especially those demand high transaction rates: advertisement, IoT (Internet of things), AI and big data, game, peer to peer sharing economy, etc.’’

You can visit their FAQ page or read their whitepaper to analyze and estimate their chances of success. If you are on the lookout for the best ICOs to invest in, consider investing in QuarkChain because it has the potential to double your investment. Visit their website to know more about their idea and technology.

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