Real Vision’s Raoul Pal Envisions Massive Financial Opportunity For Crypto

Diving USD Prompts BTC to Surpass ATH Briefly

The former manager of GLG hedge funds based in London explains the financial opportunities that he believes that cryptocurrency can exploit. After his sudden retirement in 2004, he continued working in different institutions, primarily Real Vision, which he founded. Real vision is dedicated to helping individuals grow in their financial stance.

The establishment has a site and a YouTube page with a lot of followership, where the CEO uses to explain his thoughts on specific investments and how digital assets work, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. Pal has always been an inspiration in the crypto space, and his belief in crypto as an investment has influenced his loyal followers to follow suit.

Why multi-trillion dollar opportunities exist in the crypto industry

Early this year, the co-founder had an interview where he explained how Bitcoin might soon be valued at $10 trillion. Pal opines that the digital asset is the future of money and his belief in a $10 trillion valuation is not unachievable.

He explained that crypto wasn’t just a currency and that its value is substantial because a framework is put in place for its creation, unlike the money, where Federal governments can create too much money, leading to a loss of value. Pal reported that the asset is the future of exchange, mainly because it’s not only a store of value, but also the platform put in place.

The former hedge funds manager reveals why he is bullish on some digital assets. The crypto investor argues that since the federal bonds reserve is valued at $123 trillion, Bitcoin being a digital investment makes it an excellent opportunity for it. While he explained that the global custody is valued at $23 trillion, Pal believes it will still accrue to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

How Ethereum might grow more prominent in the next decade

The Real Vision CEO attests to Bitcoin being a collateral layer but predicted that Ethereum could perform better in 10 years. Late last month, the financial expert revealed that he was selling off almost all his Net Worth to buy more cryptocurrencies. He recently advised everyone to invest 5% of their net worth into crypto before revealing his huge plan of selling most of his investments to buy more crypto.

He added that he was selling his gold because, over the years, he now sees crypto as a better investment when compared to it. Pal revealed that he doesn’t own anything apart from his bond calls and some money, while his whole net worth has been put into the digital assets. The financial analyst explained that he was buying the cryptocurrencies based on an 80/20 for the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The investor assured that Bitcoin could not fall without recovering soon after, though people have criticized his comment due to the currency’s volatility. The macro analyst argued that the opportunities in place for cryptocurrency would help it establish its stance in the finance industry. He revealed that Bitcoin investment doesn’t have a winner takes all, that its framework allows numerous winners and failures also, but that would help the digital assets be valued higher because more investors will come in.