Reddit User Regains Access To His 8 Years’ Dormant Bitcoins– Sells Instantly For $4 Million

A lucky person has gained access to its 127 Bitcoins of which the person had lost access key some 8 years ago. Soon after accessing the coins, the person sold off Bitcoins for an amount of US$ 4 Million.

 It had been reported recently that a user of Reddit had been able to regain access to its 127 Bitcoin. It was reported that the person had lost access keys to its Bitcoin some 8 years ago. It was informed that the person had not purchased these Bitcoin. In fact, the person had earned these Bitcoins for carrying out online jobs/surveys and was paid in the shape of Bitcoins. Once the person got hold of access key, the person immediately sold off Bitcoins for an amount of US$ 4 Million.

The person had been known by the username “Bitcoinholderthanku”, who had sold 127 Bitcoins after regaining access. Bitcoinholderthanku informed that he (or she) had lost the access key some eight years ago and since then could not access the coins. Bitcoinholderthanku informed that he/she wanted to purchase in-game money such as Uridum against payment of Bitcoin.

The Reddit user told in a tweet message how he/she got hold onto the access key. Bitcoinholderthanku said that he/she visited the house of grandparents where the user once used to play the game called Dark Orbit. The user told that he/she was visiting grandparents during vacations where there was this old pc in which he/she had stored access keys. The user stumbled across a folder named “access key” and soon realized that this was the folder which the user was looking for long.

Later on January 3rd 2021 the user finally made the transaction of selling the Bitcoins which were kept dormant for eight years. The user was able to sell the coins for an amount of US$ 4 Million approximately and was grateful for his/her decision.

Meanwhile, a programmer named Stefan Thomas, had reported to have lost his access key wherein he had kept US$ 240 Million worth of Bitcoins. The programmer had in fact forgotten the password and resultantly could not access his Bitcoins. It was told that Thomas had in his possession 7,002 Bitcoins which were rewarded to him about 10 years ago. When he was given the Bitcoins, a single coin could be purchased for US$ 2 to 6 only. However, as of today, Bitcoin’s value had soared significantly and had been traded on for US$ 36,606.

Thomas had already initiated 8 attempts and had left with only two now. In case he fails to gain access to his Bitcoins in two attempts, then he would lost his Bitcoin for the rest of his life. The fate of his Bitcoins now rests on two attempts only.