Ripple is Partnering up with Sustainability Leaders to Reach its 2030 Go-green Goal

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Despite the wreckage that Ripple carries on its back, given the recent events in the USA leading to a lawsuit with SEC that is not going anywhere, it is fairly optimistic about its 2030 sustainability goals. These goals focus on reducing the carbon footprint proposed by XRP’s blockchain and token mining and making it happen; it has already partnered up with some of the most pristine sustainability leaders worldwide. This is not a single entity as it has proposed and elongated its partnership with a bunch of these, such as the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, Mojaloop foundation, Mercy Corps, and the institute for business and social impact are among a few of the titled parties. 

REBA or renewable energy buyer’s alliance has also joined Ripple to turn the no carbon emission efforts into a reality. In terms of mining and management of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency industry poses a serious threat to the environment, and in no capacity is it right. The same issue has recently led Elon Musk to drop all the support for Bitcoin as he announced that Tesla will now be casting Bitcoin’s stash that it bought at the start of this year and all of the support out until Bitcoin cleans its act. 

XRP Strengthens its Go-green Rally amid Rising Tensions on Excessive Fossil Fuel Consumption

This is purely in the essence of decreasing its overtly stretched carbon emission toll on the environment. Ethereum might also be at the brink of hitting some bells when it comes to accounting for sustainability as it is not the most sustainable cryptocurrency out there, and some work needs to be done in that regard. This hints at the possibility that in the near future, only the cryptocurrencies that practice green environment initiatives will be cleared to move on with the crypto race, and those that don’t will be cast aside.

XRP, at the moment, is doing everything in its power to make sustainability its battle cry, and partnering up with all those organizations hint at the hard work that it has been doing. According to a survey, XRP is generally a greener cryptocurrency than its competitors. By the year 2030, if everything goes according to plan, it will be setting foot into a new crypto world.