Ripple Support Solar Energy Projects To Minimize Carbon Footprint

XRP has always been a bit decisive in its doing and being a cryptocurrency that is entangled in a lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission a lot is expected from Ripple. The case is still ongoing with no apparent decision anytime soon but still, XRP is making huge leaps outside of the United States and now within it as well. XRP does strike as a cryptocurrency to many that have some vision when it comes to the future of decentralization and blockchain technology.

Recently the cryptocurrency did sign various projects involving the use of green energy in powering its blockchain. One of these projects is based on solar energy which will help the cryptocurrency to minimize the carbon footprint in the long run. It has decided to find various solar power businesses around the United States which will be supplying power to its blockchain and also for mining purposes. This will be totally green energy with zero carbon footprint, essentially what the crypto industry is in dire need of at the moment.

Green Energy Production Becomes A Top Priority For XRP

Elon Musk did cut his ties with Bitcoin on the grounds that it uses too much energy from nonrenewable fossils and for that its impact on our environment is catastrophic. In this recent partnership of Ripple with Lincoln-based financial service company, Nelnet will be investing $44 million into this whole project for funding solar power production. The social impact head for Ripple Ken Weber has come forward demonstrating how it would be a very healthy step for the crypto world to engage with more green energy sources. He says that it is the key priority of XRP at the moment and will remain so far into the future.

According to an estimate, the projects around solar power production would be offsetting about 1.5 million biometrical tons of carbon dioxide greenhouse emissions. Ripple is definitely the most climate-conscious company out there in the crypto space and which is of the perception that deep into the future when fossils are shrinking in volume and number it will be the green energy that comes to our aid.