Rumors are Arising that Apple has Bought $2.5 Billion Worth of Bitcoin

There is a storm of tweets emerging at Twitter’s horizon that Apple has reportedly bought or has the plan to buy Bitcoin for billions of dollars. According to a thread, the estimated amount is at $2 billion, while another report says that it may be closer to $2.5 billion, but no one knows for sure. Although these rumors are surfacing gradually, there is potentially no evidence as to if Apple has already bought the mentioned sum of Bitcoin or it has a plan to do so in the near future. According to one of these tweets, Apple will soon mention that it has bought Bitcoin worth $2.5 billion.

The price value of Bitcoin surged by 20% after Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. This is the event in time that led Bitcoin to climb its all-time high value of $65k and above.

Apple Will Never Invest in Risky Businesses such as Bitcoin

It was Tesla and Elon Musk favoring the purchase of Bitcoin, this tying of influence between Elon Musk and Bitcoin fueled other investors and financial institutions to chip in periodically. With Apple reportedly heading in the same direction, there is a chance that the bullish run may accompany Bitcoin shortly and take the cryptocurrency soaring above the air in terms of price.

According to some of the tweets received by people regarding Apple purchasing Bitcoin, it is possible that this is all a big old hoax and might not happen in reality. According to Ran Neuner, the CEO of OnChain Capital, it seems that it is likely a missed opportunity that Apple will chip in anytime soon to buy Bitcoin. While there are some who are completely negating this event by contemplating that Apple will never chip in to buy Bitcoin, not now, not ever.

Alexander Ross, a DevOps Engineer, has something interesting to share; according to him, Apple is too conscious of making this move, and therefore the whole accumulation is off the table because Bitcoin poses a controversial asset for the environment.