Russian Man Auction Video Of Him Eating Bat As NFT

The unpopular nature of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in the cryptocurrency space, coupled with the fact that they statistically account for barely 4% of the whole cryptocurrency space, means that the digital asset does not generate enough attention in public.

However, in a new report circulating social media, a Russian man, Petr Davydtchencko, who is well known as an artist, created a video of him eating a live bat. Surprisingly, the Russian performance artist is now auctioning the video he created in front of the EU parliament at a minimum bid of $4,600.

Petr Davydtchencko set to monetize his highly criticized video

The actions of Petr Davydtchencko continue to draw the attention of many, as many do not understand why anyone would want to eat a live animal under any circumstance. Many of the artist’s general beliefs sought attention while making the video quashed by Davydtchencko, who explained his reason behind such actions.
The artist reveals that he is trying to create awareness with his video, as he is saddened by the current situation of government-backed policy against animals. The artist went on to weigh in on the situation of EU and Big Pharma, as he believed that those seeking apologies from him should instead go and ask for it from the EU who has been backing Big Pharma from time memorial, despite their inhumane actions against humanity.

The artist has now gone a step ahead of his critics and detractors to auction the video on OpenSea at a minimum bid of 2.5 WETH, which is about $4,600 in today’s prices. The report from the digital cryptocurrency market, OpenSea, currently suggests that the video has not received any bid yet, as the artist is now hoping to monetize his awareness video.

This is not Petr Davydtchencko’s first time

The video created by Petr Davydtchencko has been heavily criticized by many, as many feel like the artist should be sanctioned for creating such. The video was created in Europe, where many countries do not support the illegal and unnecessary hurting of animals. Many European countries have enact laws that detest intentional harm to the lives of animals, with appropriate fines in place to sanction the detractors.

The artist has also been involved in an animal cruelty video before this time, as he recorded a video of him eating a live bat last year June. The previous video was also recorded in Europe and was also heavily criticized in Italy, where it was seen. Unfortunately, many believe that the artist’s video, who publicly declared on OpenSea that he is committed to road killing as sustenance means, should not be considered an NFT, as it does not depict anything art.

However, whether or not it is considered, NFTs continue to become popular in the crypto space, as several NFTs continue to amass vast amounts in Bids, a situation that aids the growth of the cryptocurrency space.