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Safe Holdings Review

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Safe Holdings is a brokerage firm that has been working in the crypto market for a long time. Overall these years, Safe Holdings has just become better and better. In this Safe Holdings review, we are going to look into the firm and see whether or not it is worth it for traders to join. And we are also going to look into some of the key features of Safe Holdings that make it a better choice for traders.

Trading is one of the very important aspects of human life. From the earliest histories, humans have been constantly trying to trade. However, the means of trading have changed. For example, in the old times, traders used to trade gold and other precious resources to get food. But then a concept of currency was introduced which was basically a piece of paper known as a banknote. These papers were regulated by the government of a particular country.

Over the past couple of years, trading has changed its dynamics in dramatic ways. From the trading of gold, silver, and other precious metals, humans evolved to trade a piece of paper. But after the introduction of computers and the internet, the dynamics of the world have been changed. That hard cash in the form of banknotes is now replaced with digital cash. But in 2009 a new form of currency was introduced known as cryptocurrency. The first-ever cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin was not so popular back in the early 2010s but surely people observed the rise and downfalls of cryptocurrencies. But as we are living in 2021, the time has changed and more and more traders are preferring cryptocurrencies over any other form of trading.

Crypto trading is the same as any other form of online trading like stocks, Forex, etc. but what makes this different and more preferable is that it is a decentralized economy. A decentralized economy means that, unlike stocks, cryptocurrency does not consist of a central authority. Blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency a very rigid and secure trading asset as all of the authority is in the hands of traders and miners. If we talk more about miners, these are basically developers who mine a crypto coin. For example, Bitcoin has millions of miners all across the globe who are constantly trying to mine Bitcoin by adding more blocks to the blockchain. Now the question arises how blockchain technology is so secured and preferred. Blockchain technology is basically secured in a way that there is no central authority of this currency. This means all of the data of Bitcoin is being stored between different miners, so even if a hacker manages to hack into one computer, still he can’t get access to the whole currency.

Now with all of that being said, choosing a brokerage firm is the first step that every trader has to take in order to start trading. Choosing a broker can be difficult at times because as a new trader, you are not much aware of the market and there are many scammers working side by side as well. So it is really difficult to distinguish between legit firms and scammers. In order to help you make a better decision I have done the research and found one of the best brokerage firms among competitors which is Safe Holdings.

Safe Holdings – Is It Worth It?

Choosing a broker is the first and most important step of crypto trading. Every trader has to be affiliated with any broker which not only provides a platform to trade cryptocurrencies but also helps new traders to trade efficiently. A broker is a person who can ruin or enhance your overall trading experience. And let us not forget that there are plenty of scammers as well who are working as a brokerage firm.

So it is really necessary for traders especially the ones who don’t have much knowledge about crypto trading or are new. If you look for crypto brokers on the internet, you are going to get a list of hundreds of brokers. All are claiming different types of services and features. But the real question is that if they provide them or is it just a marketing gimmick. To find out the answer to this question reviews and testimonials come in really handy. And according to my research, I have finalized some remarks regarding Safe Holdings. No doubt Safe Holdings is not that experienced as other brokerage firms working in the field. But it doesn’t mean that Safe Holdings is less than any other competitive broker. All of the services that are being offered by Safe Holdings are delivered with excellence and that proves the professionalism and reliability of Safe Holdings.

To conclude the answer to the question that is Safe Holdings worth it? I would say that yes it is totally worth it but this statement alone can’t prove anything. So here are some of the features which I think make Safe Holdings a worthy choice. So let us dive into the features that Safe Holdings offer.

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Offering Anonymous Accounts

Every person has a right to protect his privacy, and especially in a market where you know your information and money is exposed to the world through the internet then you have to be more cautious. If you have experienced any brokerage firm before, then you would probably know that those brokerage firms require a lot of personal information to open an account. This information includes some of your personal as well as financial information which is not preferred by many traders. Because of the scam cases that have been reported over years of crypto trading, traders are now not comfortable enough to provide such confidential details to any platform as there is always a risk of hackers getting access to that information.

But Safe Holdings have changed the structure, now traders have the liberty to open an account without providing any personal information. This makes Safe Holdings a preferable choice for the traders who are willing to trade without sacrificing their privacy.

Wide Variety Of Trading Assets

Having more options is always better than just being stuck with a couple of cryptocurrencies to choose from. If we take a look at the traders who are interested in trading cryptocurrency, then there are two types of traders. The first one is the type that is looking for a platform that offers a particular cryptocurrency and the most popular one is Bitcoin. These traders are only in the field of crypto trading because they want to trade a particular crypto coin. So they are not bothered about the limitations of that brokerage firm. But if you are the second type of trader who wants multiple options while choosing your asset then Safe Holdings is the best option that you have.

Safe Holdings is offering some of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. as well as some of the less popular cryptocurrencies as well which are not that popular as these major ones but they have a lot of potentials to offer some pretty promising profits to the traders. The more options you have in crypto trading, the more chances you get of earning some profits.

If you are wondering that Safe Holdings is just offering a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, then you are mistaken. This platform is not only offering Crypto trading but other instruments of online trading as well such as Stocks, Indices, forex, commodities, and many more as well. Hence Safe Holdings is a complete platform that offers almost every type of trading asset to its customers. So if you are someone who is willing to experience multiple assets then Safe Holdings is the option you want to go with.

Leverage Trading

Not every trader has big investments to make in crypto trading and especially if a trader wants to trade the most expensive and popular crypto coin which is Bitcoin, then surely it is not easy for every trader to buy a significant amount of this cryptocurrency. The current price of Bitcoin is way over $55K just for one Bitcoin. So it seems quite impossible for many of the new traders to buy even one Bitcoin.

But you don’t have to worry about investment while working with Safe Holdings. This platform is providing its customers with the feature of Leverage trading. If you don’t know about leverage trading then let me tell you about it. It is basically investment cooperation from a brokerage firm. That means if you are a trader and don’t have big resources to buy Bitcoin or any other expensive cryptocurrency, then Safe Holdings is offering you up to 100% of aid in investment. To simplify it, if a trader is investing $1 to buy a crypto coin, then Safe Holdings will invest up to $100 to help young traders buy their preferred cryptocurrency. And at the end when that crypto coin is going to give profits, then that profit will be divided among trader and brokerage firms according to the investment they made in the beginning.

Leverage trading is not offered by every broker, in fact, some of the best ones are only offering this feature and Safe Holdings is one of them. But what is totally exclusive to just this platform is up to 100x Leverage. While others are competing in the race of more or less 10x Leverage, Safe Holdings is dealing with a much higher number which is unbeatable and makes Safe Holdings a worthy choice.

Reliable Trading Platform

The trading platform is the one point that every trader should consider while choosing a brokerage firm. As a trading platform is going to be your everyday partner and you will have to interact with it on a daily basis. Hence it is really important to choose a broker who is providing a reliable trading platform.

Some of the brokers are offering just a single trading platform, for example, windows software. This type of platform requires tons of installations and tweaks before a trader can start using the software to trade. But Safe Holdings has changed the game totally. It is providing multiple options to choose from. It is providing a platform that accommodates almost every type of trader, for example, if a trader wants to trade on his personal computer or laptop, then he has the option to go to Safe Holdings’ web-based platform, after opening that platform you have an option to log in. But if you are someone who prefers to trade on his phone with a more optimized design then Safe Holdings is also offering android and IOS applications to accommodate every type of trader.

More about the platform of Safe Holdings, the team has designed the platform in an extremely user-friendly way that new traders can easily operate the platform. But if you are thinking that by making the platform user-friendly and simple to use, Safe Holdings might have to sacrifice some of the essential features, so that is not the case. Yes, it is obvious that the more features and information will be available on the platform, the more complex it would get. But this is the professionalism of the team of Safe Holdings. The platform of this broker is kept so simple that new traders can just get used to it without any extensive introductory classes or tutorials, but at the same time, it doesn’t lack any of the essential features for example live charts, graphs, index, etc. these features combine together to accompany trader and help him to achieve those high profits. Surely this point is going to be a turning point for most of the customers.

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Security Is Essential

While running in the race of numbers and claims, many brokerage firms forget one of the most important components, which is security. When there are many cases that have been reported regarding scams and stealing data, brokers have to pay extra attention to the security department. Because at the end of the day it is the trader’s money and data which is at risk.

But Safe Holdings is a professional broker, so that means it knows everything that would be required by a trader to trade effectively. This is the reason why Safe Holdings has adopted many regulatory policies like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies. These help the platform to avoid any type of illegal activity and scammers from registering to this platform. As a trader, you should always keep in mind that your money and information both are at stake while dealing online and it is the responsibility of the brokerage firm to ensure the security and privacy of the trader’s money and information.

Safe Holdings is a regulated brokerage firm which means that every requirement is met by the firm which will provide that ultimate peace of mind to the traders while trading. So why not register with a broker who is paying so much attention to the security and privacy of traders?

Customer Support Service

Safe Holdings is a team of professionals that is proven by the customer support that this platform is providing to its customers. Safe Holdings is providing a 24/7 customer support service to its customers. This means that if you have any query related to the platform or you have faced an error during transactions, all you have to do is reach out to the customer support team of Safe Holdings by email and your mail will be responded to instantly.

Multiple Account Types

Are you tired of the brokers which are offering just one type of trading account for all of the traders, then Safe Holdings has something special to offer you. It is offering five types of trading accounts which a trader can choose from depending on his investments and experience. The higher accounts also offer some additional features. The accounts that are offered by Safe Holdings are named Silver with a minimum deposit of just $100, then there comes the next level trading account named a gold account, then there comes Platinum, Diamond, and VIP account. These accounts are designed for experienced traders who have some exposure to crypto trading and want a platform that is full of features.

These account options are going to cater to multiple types of trader’s needs. This means it is in the trader’s hand to choose from any of the above-mentioned accounts. But if you want to enjoy the highest number of features then it is advised to go with Gold and upper accounts as it offers some pretty fascinating features like personal account manager, significant welcome bonus, VIP membership, and much more. Keep in mind that Safe Holdings has carefully created each account so that every individual trader, despite the differences can find the required features.


Safe Holdings is a reputable company, this article has highlighted some of its most prominent and popular features. Traders are aware of how tough the competition in the trading market is, so why not accompany yourself with the best brokerage firm, with one that would put your needs above everything else and provide you with quality service.