How to Send Bitcoin Payments – How to Pay with Bitcoin

How to Send Bitcoin Payments – How to Pay with Bitcoin

It would be no wrong saying that Bitcoin is the latest craze of today’s world. People are going gaga over Bitcoin due to its high volatility. If you’re struggling to understand how to send Bitcoin payments, you’ve come to the right place.  Bitcions have no physical appearance; they are valueless unless you sell them and convert them into normal currency. You can also use them to buy stuff online.

If you want to send Bitcoins to anyone you want, first you would need to set up a Bitcoin wallet to amass Bitcoins. You can accrue Bitcoins either by buying them or by mining for new Bitcoins. Here’re a few points that will certainly help you send Bitcoin payments. Let’s go through them below;

How to Send Bitcoin Payments – How to Pay with Bitcoin

Set up your wallet

As we’ve already said above that you need an online platform called wallet to send and receive Bitcoin payments. All you need is to make sure you’re choosing the right wallet to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. There’re many scammers operating online claiming to provide you with reliable services, but in reality they just waste your money and time. So, be careful while opting for a Bitcoin wallet. Since every wallet is different, you may come across a different user interface to send Bitcoin payments.

Open your wallet

After setting up your Bitcoin wallet, you’re a few steps away from sending your first Bitcoin payment and it’s quite easy. Open your wallet and tap on Send Tab or Trade/Send Bitcoin options usually available on your wallet’s main menu.

Enter your recipient’s description

You can copy-n-paste, and type it by your hand. Determine the amount you want transferred. Be sure to review the details to make sure you’ve provided that right information. Now you’re a single click away from sending Bitcoin. Just click ‘’Send’’ button to complete the process. Always remember that Bitcoin transaction once made can’t be reversed.