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Solid Invest Review

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When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies online, Solid Invest is one of the good choices that you can have. You will come to know why it could be a good choice for you in this Solid Invest review. Since the rise of bitcoin (the first-ever decentralized digital currency),” it has been seen that many other cryptocurrencies were introduced as well. As more and more traders are coming towards online trading, cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular instruments of online trading. The promising profits that cryptocurrencies offer make it a very impressive and attractive choice for many traders. The people who were doing their regular boring nine-to-five jobs were looking for an opportunity that crypto trading provided them. But as a person who is not aware of how crypto trading works, it was extremely difficult to start off from a point where a person is not aware of how it works.

In order to help you, people, out, I have done research on one of the best brokers available out there in the market. For all those of you who don’t know about brokers, it is basically a means which provides traders with a platform to trade. But not only that, but it also helps you throughout your experience. These brokers are working in the field for quite a while, so they are aware of the market trends and how to deal with them. The experience of brokers in the field is going to help traders to make the right choice which is going to give them some profits. Now that we know why brokers are important for every trader, there are many options available on the internet if you look for brokers. But it is very hard to distinguish between legit brokers and scams. These scams are out there working in the market, which is aimed to just scam the trader rather than providing the services.

But I have come across one of the best brokerage firms, which are renowned for their services and legitimacy. We are talking about “Solid Invest.” It is one of the most popular brokerage firms, which not only provides a user-friendly platform to the traders to trade, but it is also known for its customer satisfaction and remarkable features. In this review, we are going to dive into the firm and see how it is better than most of the other competitors and discuss some of its prominent features as well.

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Why Solid Invest?

Whether you are a trader with a lot of experience or you have recently decided to join, this is a platform that will help you and your career become really successful. It is an efficient platform for trading cryptocurrencies. As a trader, you should be searching for a platform that is well known and has a good reputation, and not only that but also offers amazing services. Because at the end of the day, if you are going to trade with a brokerage firm, then it has to be worth it, so make sure you choose wisely.

Traders choose brokers on the basis of whether a broker would meet the requirements and prove to be beneficial. With Solid Invest, you have nothing to fear because it ensures that the customers get to trade while receiving the utmost comfort. So that customers do not feel the burden of any process but rather face ease while trading. Traders prefer this platform because it makes trading much easier for them and it is more updated with modern technology than any other platform is.

Solid Invest also acknowledges that no two traders have the same requirements or goals. Therefore it offers its customers the chance to choose from the many trading platforms presented on the site. This way, traders can choose which platform has the features they are in the search for. This platform provides a very comfortable working space for its customers because it understands that traders cannot perform well while being stressed. While trading with Solid Invest, you will not have to worry about security either, as it ensures protection from frauds and hackers.

Another thing that many traders look for is a broker who can provide easy access to different financial markets. This is not that common and makes traders feel restricted when they are unable to trade in different markets, but Solid Invest is different. To provide its customers with freedom and many opportunities, it has carefully selected some financial markets that will provide high returns. Traders often feel satisfied with Solid Invest because this platform promises its customers that it will provide them with the best services. And unlike other brokers, it actually delivers and does not let its customers down. This is why it constantly works so that the platform does not lack anything.

But to officially start working with Solid Invest and get the chance to use its services to assist you in your trading career, you have to know everything about the firm first because as a trader, the security of you and your assets matters a lot. This is why it is important to study a broker and what it has to offer before you finalize it. To make it easier for you, we have discussed everything there is to know about Solid Invest in great detail. So if you are interested in finding out whether Solid Invest is worth it, then continue reading to know more about its services and features.

How to sign up with Solid Invest?

To start working with Solid Invest, the process is straightforward and quick. There are just three main steps that you have to complete, and as soon as you have completed them, then you can officially start trading.

First – Registering 

As soon as you visit the website and make up your mind to start trading through Solid Invest, all you have to do is make an account. This part is not that difficult, and it will not take very long. You will come across a form that you need to fill in so that you can sign up. In this form, it will ask you to enter information including your name, number, address, and email. When you have submitted all the information required, the site confirms your form, and that is when you have an official trading account. The next step is to wait for your account to be verified by Solid Invest. Once that is done, you will also get access to a crypto wallet. This is provided for free, and traders use it to store investments or assets.

Second – Depositing 

Once your account is up and running, you are required to make sure that you deposit the due amount because if you do not deposit the minimum amount, then you cannot trade. The choice is yours to make, the broker provides customers with different plans to choose from, and you can pick any of them then deposit the amount for that specific plan. You also get to choose which payment method to use for depositing the investments.

Third – Time to Trade 

The last step, once you have completed the previous two steps, is to just start trading. All you have to do is to choose which cryptocurrencies you are interested in. Double-check if the platform provides accessibility, and start buying or selling those cryptocurrencies.

Why is Solid Invest one of the best options?

As we have discussed before, there are many options when it comes to brokers. You may come across some pretty promising ones and, at the same time, many scams as well. But here are the reasons why Solid Invest could be one of the best options for traders.

Remarkable trading platform

One of the major factors that are either going to enhance a trader’s experience or ruin it is trading platform of a brokerage firm. Solid Invest has paid special attention to its platform or interface. The interface is kept as simple as possible and user-friendly to deal with. The features on the platform are run extremely smoothly without any flaws or lags. With the help of this platform, traders can trade with mind satisfaction. One of the most important things that a trader wants from the platform is that the platform must be intuitive and modern with the latest technology and statistics, and Solid Invest provides you exactly what every trader wants. The platform is kept up to date and packed with all the necessary analytical tools that will help traders to make the right and informed decision.

Solid Invest has designed its platform in such a way that it is going to welcome both experienced and inexperienced traders. The interface is kept as simple as possible to make it easy to use and understand, but at the same time, it is capable of everything that an experienced trader would ever want to make their trades more efficient. The platform is designed in a way that it should be accessible from any of your devices, whether if you want to trade through your laptop or PC, or are interested in trading on a more compact and handy device such as mobile phone or tablets, you just have to log in to your account through their web-based platform and you are good to go.

The services and tools are extremely well designed. Every service has its own dedicated tab on the broker’s platform, and traders can easily access it from their devices. While using the platform of Solid Invest, you are never going to feel outdated or lacking something. The platform is equipped with the latest technology and tools, which are going to help traders to earn some high profits.

Solid Invest trading platform

Equipped with advanced trading tools

Trading tools are trader’s weapons, just like every warrior needs a weapon to fight in a war. The same is the case with online trading as well, where every trader needs the latest trading tools to help him in trading. As a reputed brokerage firm present out there in the market, this broker provides you with one of the latest technologies, whether it is in the form of trading tools or analytical graphs. Everything is constantly updated to continuously enhance the user’s experience. With the help of these tools, traders are going to earn a pretty good amount of profits with a reduced risk of any failure or loss. Talking about the tools, Solid Invest is equipped with the modern technology like simple charting tools and various others.

Multiple trade options are offered

There are many brokers out there in the market. They are no doubt offering some pretty good features as well. But the best thing about Solid Invest is that it offers a very wide variety of assets to trade. The more options that traders have means, the more opportunities are also increased. At a time where one asset is facing downfall, others are going to be on the rise, and with multiple options to trade, it is going to help traders to trade multiple assets at a time which are going to give them more chances of earning profits.

If you are looking for a particular asset to trade, then there are other brokers as well which would probably offer that asset. But for the traders who are interested in multiple assets, Solid Invest is one of the best options to go with. The platform offers over 250 assets, which includes some of the top crypto coins like BTC, ETH, USDC, XRP, LTC, XTZ, and others as well. The rest of the digital assets are not that famous but definitely fully capable.

Good Security System 

The crypto world is a very risky one to participate in. Everyone is extremely wary of getting scammed. This is because of the constantly developing technology. The chances of getting scammed are also increased. This is why many traders are very hesitant in trusting brokers, fearing that it might be another scam. This is another reason why it is recommended that you research a broker, its services, and policies before you finalize a trading account. It is important to know what preventive measures a broker takes and what its security policy is because the first step that a trader has to take is entering their personal information. Other than this, traders also have to store their investments in the crypto wallet, so the more secure a brokers’ platform is, the less you have to worry.

Solid Invest has clearly stated that its customer’s comfort and safety is a top priority which is why with this firm, you don’t have to stress about security. It is a very safe platform because it has incorporated a secure system. Thanks to the solid security policies, and other security measures such as SSL encryption, customers can be assured that their safety will not be risked. SSL is one of the latest forms of technology that has proven to be successful in keeping scammers and hackers away. It basically encrypts information as soon as it is entered on the platform. This includes the sensitive information that traders enter. The way encryption works are by coding any information you enter, which makes it useless to hackers. Lastly, Solid Invest also provides separate accounts for its customers. This means that traders do not have to worry about their funds being mixed with the brokers.

Account options offered by Solid Invest

Every trader has his own preferences when it comes to trading accounts. It depends on some of the factors like the amount that a trader is going to invest and the level of experience that he has. For that case, one type of account is not helpful to every trader. That is why Solid Invest has taken that into consideration and is providing various types of accounts to cater to every trader’s needs. Here is a list of those accounts:

Explorer – the first type of account

Solid Invest has given some really interesting names to its various accounts. The first and the most basic one is known as “explorer.” As the name tells us, it is for the traders who are fresh to the trading field and are still exploring it. The minimum investment required to get this account is $500, and the maximum limit is $2000. The account offers standard 24/7 customer care service, and a welcome bonus of 30% is also given to the traders.

Basic – second type of account

The second account known as Basic is designed for those traders or investors who are already aware of some of the basic instructions and have entered the field. The minimum amount required to open this account is $2000, and the maximum amount limit is $10,000. And there is a bonus of 50% that awaits you in this type of account.

Silver – third account type

The Silver account is designed for the traders who are a bit experienced. That is why the minimum amount of this account is kept at $10,000 and can go up to $25,000. The account offers a 75% of welcome bonus to the traders who open this account.

Gold – fourth account type 

This option comes after the silver account, and to unlock it, you have to invest a minimum amount of $25,000, but you can even go up to $99,000. As a welcoming factor, you get a bonus of 100%, whereas previously it was just 75%.

Platinum – fifth account type

The fifth and the last account type is called “Platinum.” This account type is designed for extremely experienced traders and investors who are looking for maximum support and features in the field. There are some other remarkable services as well available at your disposal such as senior account analyst and a welcome bonus of 150%.


It is expected that traders search for a broker that is reputable and known for its services. This is why we have presented Solid Invest because it is a brokerage firm that many have spoken highly of. Due to personal experience as well as research I can guarantee you that the services this company provides are truly remarkable. The freedom, trading platforms, trading tools, and assets, many different account options too grant customers so many choices to decide from.